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My fiancé and I are trying to find a church in downtown Indianapolis to celebrate the ceremony, but we're finding it pretty difficult to find a Catholic Church we can afford (we're looking to have a Catholic ceremony). We asked St. Mary and they said $2,000+ starting, and St. John didn't answer my email request. Does anyone know a Catholic Church in downtown Indianapolis that is a bit more affordable? We were also looking at Sacred Heart and (if they reply) St. John. Our church is on the south side, St. Jude, but it's a 20 minute drive to the locations we're looking at for the reception and would require highway driving.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Just throwing it out there, first timer (we don't even have a wedding date yet but we wanted to start church hunting). Thank you!

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    Are you looking at downtown reception spots? St. Jude doesn't seem too far of a drive to downtown for a reception especially if it is your home church. The issue people have had before with some of the Catholic Churches is creating a gap between mass and reception which is not a good idea so make sure you coordinate the 2 wherever you end up.

    The archdiocese should have a list of all of the downtown churches too. I think I've seen one at 10th or 12th St., so not downtown downtown but close
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    yeah I received a list of the downtown reception areas from the archdiocese website, but they're all asking $2k - $2.5K starting so it's a little much for us. We are thinking of just doing it at St. Jude since we're parishioners and driving downtown, about a 15-17 minute drive. I was trying to avoid too large of a gap between the reception and the ceremony. I'll keep looking around. Thanks for the info though! :)
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    You should look into Holy Rosary Parish in Indianapolis. It's only about ten minutes from Monument Circle and is kinda hidden away. The inside of the church is beautiful! They do have a lot of rules/guidelines about the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage, but it's pretty affordable. My fiance and I are getting married there next April. It is very conservative though just so you know ahead of time!

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