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Anyone have any suggestions/what are you doing re: transportation for your guests for an SF wedding? I'm getting married at City Hall and we'll be eating at a restaurant about a mile and a half away. Most of my guests will be coming from out of town. I've looked into a party bus, but I'm wondering how practical that will be given that we'll only need it to take us from City Hall to the restaurant, and then it will wait around for two hours while we eat. Thoughts/suggestions? Will it make sense to ask people to find their own transportation? Is that rude?


Re: SF transportation

  • Uber!
    It is  a city and no one would expect a bus in the city. We are using Uber and use it frequently in our daily life. You can split fares get a big SUV/mini van! it is cheap for guests!

    If you go to their website/emal them you can get a discount to share with all your guests! 
  • Rent a cable car! You will have the complete SF feel
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