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What has everyone booked thus far? Has  anyone ran into the problem of  venue's and vendors being booked already?

I have booked :
- Venue
- Photographer

For the next week or so we will be talking to DJ's. The DJ that we want has confirmed that someone has the same wedding date as us and is interested in him. I hope we get to him before they do.

Going wedding dress shopping in two weeks !

The wedding chart on Pinterest needs to be updated LOL

Re: Planning

  • Hi! I absolutely have run into this problem...I was planning on being May 2016 bride, but the venue I had my heart set on was booked for every weekend in May except one that didn't work for us. Plus, I had met with a photographer August 2014, but when I contacted her last month and she was booked! So the short answer, YES. The best of things book up WELL over a year in advance!

    Thankfully with my new June date the venue and photographer are both available, we put deposits down right away. So I guess moving wasn't the biggest travesty. I am just worried about my guests melting in the sun at our outdoor ceremony now....always something to worry about with wedding planning right?

    I've been dress shopping twice, but I didn't find anything I really liked. I am so indecisive I'm not sure HOW I am going to find a dress! Thank God committing to my fiance wasn't this hard, amiright?
  • Having my guest melt in the sun is something to think about. I have my eyes set on one particular dress. I also printed out some other dresses to try on, but I feel as though this is the one.  When we changed our date from 25 June 2016 due to my sister graduating from college, the venue was already booked for 04 & 18th of June , but the 11th was free so we settled on that date.  I also have the florist in mind, but was told to come back once I know the bridesmaids dress color(s). I already know the color, which will be yellow.

  • Yep! Ran into that problem... back in October! It's insane how fast venues book up. 

    I've got the following locked down: Venue (which includes a ton), DJ, Uplighting, Photographer, Videographer. Florist is my friend's mom, so I have plenty of time on that. Oh! And I have a complete vision of the day, so I've bought just a couple of things for decor.

    Wedding dress shopping Memorial Day weekend... eeeee!! Absolutely cannot wait.
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  • the2016bride2be: My ceremony will be no more than half an hour...so hopefully the heat of late June won't be an issue for us, haha. Have a great time dress shopping! I hope you have better luck than me. I found a dress that I fell IN LOVE with, but when I tried it on it looked like a completely different dress than it did in the designer's pictures. It's good to have some vendors in mind, but I think the things that book up fastest are venues and photographers. Videographers and DJs are probably next, so it's good you're looking into those as well!!

    allyballyoop: You're so on the ball, good for you!!! Our venue is pretty all inclusive too, it's nice to not worry about lots of additional rentals and caterers. I'm just now starting to look at DJs and videographers. I hope you have a great time dress shopping as well!!!! It's so exciting, right?!?!?!

  • @rachdzog08 - Thank you! YES, I am SO excited!! We're also doing our engagement photos the same weekend, so it'll be a fun couple of days :)
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  • Let's see:

    -Venue (which is pretty much all-inclusive- just need to rent some outdoor chairs for the ceremony)
    -DJ (which includes ceremony & reception music) & uplighting
    -Hair & Makeup- this was my most recent inquiry and I am so glad I started, because the place I ended up booking was taking bookings for 2016 already! 
    -Flowers (sort of)- I'm 95% sure I'm doing silk, and I just ordered a boutonnière from the Etsy seller I'm interested in purchasing from to verify that I love it. 
    -MY DRESS :-)

    We are shopping for bridesmaids dresses in June. I'm not positive of what I want to do for cakes yet (I was just going to do cupcakes from a local grocery, but my mom says she wants to look at gourmet cupcake places- oooook lady lol). I've been dabbling in our registry as I think about stuff I'd like to add. I'm also a DIYer, so once I get venues booked, we'll start thinking about decorations and invitations, as well as some of the smaller details (guestbook, favors, stuff like that). 

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  • @kmomac WOW your on a role with your planning.  Are you worried that going bridesmaids shopping a year in advance that some changes can happen? Like someone gets pregnant or gains/looses weight? I have two pregnant bridesmaids, one is due next month and the other is due in August. We aren't going shopping until late September. The only bridesmaid that will be getting fitted in June is my cousin who lives out of town.  
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    @the2016bride2be nope, not worried about that at all. My bridal party is small, and we have to accommodate for my sister and my college roommate who have to travel back home (which is 7+ hours for both). My other sister is local, but no one is having babies anytime soon :) We also have to go fairly soonish so my grandmother can start hunting for flower girl and (possibly) junior bridesmaid dress patterns, as she is making all three of those dresses. 

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  • @kmomac thats a blessing to have someone you know make the dresses! My bridal party is large, bridesmaids eeeek :)

  • @kmomac and @the2016bride2be, I'm shopping for my dress and bridesmaids dresses on Memorial Day weekend (also due to a bridesmaid having to travel for it). Was thinking they'd all order their dresses that day. 

    Only tricky thing is that my sister could very well be pregnant, but that we'll know soon (in vitro lol). She'd have 6 months from the time the baby is born until our wedding. How far in advance should the bridesmaids dresses be ordered?
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  • @allyballyoop It depends on the dress shop! If you have a specific location you could always call and ask. Most dresses only take 2-3 months to come in, but it's important to leave time for fittings if needed! However, I'm planning on ordering mine in the late Fall for my end of June wedding. Better safe than sorry!!!
  • @allyballyoop like @rachdzog08 said it depends on the bridal shop. I was in my friends June 2015 wedding and we ordered our dresses around September/ October 2014. I believe we had 2 or 3 fittings and it took about 4 or 6 months for them to return. From what i can remember we picked up the dresses in late April. My cousin will be trying on her bridesmaid dress in June when she comes up for my sister's baby shower. I already know the style # + designer along with the  color for the bridesmaids. I didn't want to go for the traditional purple instead we are doing yellow and gray ! :)
  • @allyballyoop I would definitely ask the dress shop. It depends on the designer you go with too. 

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  • Thanks, ladies! 
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  • We have our venue, photographer, caterer, I have my dress. Looking into a DJ now. I have majority of my centerpieces! I found a good deal on a Facebook group. Ladies check out your local Facebook wedding groups. Mine is called recycle your wedding. Found $500 centerpieces for $50 :)
  • Didn't know that existed, @bhahn0911. Thanks for the tip :)
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  • Only the ceremony venue is booked. We are still getting quotes on different caterers, rental company's and other things. I've been turned down by a venue, a caterer, and bartender because our date has been booked already. So I better get on it.
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