DIY flowers? EXPLAIN!

I have been seeing a lot of people post that they did "DIY flowers" which made their cost of flowers between 200-300$, please help and explain how to go about this!! :)

Re: DIY flowers? EXPLAIN!

  • I bought flowers in bulk from Sam's Club. I just bundled them together and wrapped them with ribbon. You could also get a holder with foam from somewhere like Hobby Lobby. You cut the flowers and stick them in the foam. I helped do one of those for a friend's wedding.

    Removing thorns from the roses was a literal pain, but I only spent $200 for all the flowers and still had a ton left over. 
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    I bought flower tape from Hobby Lobby and pins for the boutonnières. The diamond looking pieces in my bouquet are also from Hobby Lobby. All the flower things were in one section, and it was pretty easy to find. 

  • I ordered online from blooms by the box, and including shipping it will be $329. I still need shears, floral tape and ribbon, but that's all. Cutting out centerpieces and just having places for the bridesmaids to place their bouquets. Total, that covers 6 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 corsages, and my bouquet, with extra to use throughout assuming no breakage on shipping. I kept it simple with hydrangea (fluffy and take up a lot of space) and tulips for the bridesmaid bouquets, and that plus peonies (just one bunch) and anemone for mine. You can do it! Youtube is a great resource for learning a oht arranging.

  • DIY flowers seems saved so many moneys. Had a ton left over? Amazing! but they may fade quickly, right?  May be you  should budget your money for the numbers of flowers.

    Yes, if I had it to do over, I would have bought one order, not two. But if you want center pieces with flowers, you'll be glad for the left overs. Oh, and have buckets ready ahead of time. The flowers came in the mail, and they are pretty closed up. You put them in water for a day or so, and they open beautifully. 
  • I DIYed my centerpieces and they were most definitely NOT $200-300. I spent about $1,000 on flowers for the ceremony arch, tables, bars, and guest book table.

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