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My town is having a youth Pride event in addition to it's other Pride activities this year, so it is going to be LGBTQ+ prom.  I'm very excited and want to bring my GF to it and get her a corsages.  She has allergies, so roses and lavender are out of the question.  I'd also prefer to get her a wrist one.  Her favourite flowers are tulips, so I was thinking maybe those, but I'm not sure if they would hold up well?  She wants to wear a black and grey outfit she has in mind and I am thinking I'll be wearing a peachy/orange dress.  Should I get "black" flowers?  Or ones to match my dress?  

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  • Tulips would not work well at all in a corsage.

    And there are no black flowers, except black magic roses but those are just a super dark red and since your GF is allergic to roses then those are out.

    What is your GFs favorite color?

    Dendrobium orchids are nice and hold up very well in corsages.  Typically corsages are made of more hearty flowers since they will need to be wired and taped.  So gerbs, tulips, hydrangea, etc don't really work.

  • Her favourite colour is purple.  OK, thank you :)
  • Purple dendro orchids would be perfect.

    Your best bet though is to go to a florist tell them that you would like a purple wrist corsage and that your GF has allergies to X and Y and see what they can suggest for you.  They should also show you some ribbons that would coordinate well.  And if you want to get really fancy you could see if they have stylish wrist bands instead of the basic wrist bands for corsages...they have ones made out of pearls or rhinestones, etc to look more like bracelets then elastic bands.

  • I had orchids for my high school grad a thousand years ago and they were perfect. Held up super well and looked really nice.

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  • Knowing she has allergies to specific blooms, I'd opt for a silk flower corsage instead of real flowers even though I LOVE real flowers and would say have your florist use something like a tight tulip since they're her favorite instead of an already opened one...  I just fear that there are more than those two blooms that she reacts to...
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