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If I could change 1 thing...

I wouldn't have hired a friends mother in law to do our flowers. She somehow spaced the day of our wedding and called with a question at 1pm on Friday thinking the wedding was Sat when in fact we were meeting for pics at 3. You could tell everything was just thrown together. Even the photographer said the flowers were too wet. My bouquet wasn't what I asked for and was definitely not 150 worth of flowers. The only piece done nicely was our ceremony piece. And I feel like I can't even write a complaint bc of my friend. But I would not recommend her to anyone I know.

Re: If I could change 1 thing...

  • If you had a contract, I would complain.  You didn't get what you paid for, simple as that.

  • That sucks. At least she owned up to it and gave you credit. 

    I have FI's cousin as my DJ. And he's also in the WP. Should be interesting. However, we'll be using a playlist mainly so he won't have to 'work' much. 
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  • That stinks! Definitely a miscommunication that went on. We only hired 1 friend for our wedding and she is baking our cake. She went to culinary school and I have ordered cakes and cookies from her before so we know that we can trust her. Other than that, no thanks, we'll pass lol. Glad she was willing to work with you!
  • I wouldn't use the extra MUA i hired for the wedding pics shooting.  I understood it was last minute decision and i didn't decide to hire her until 2 weeks before the wedding...However, for someone being more than  75 mins late for the appointment is totally unacceptable.  This added way too much stress for me as a bride. Luckily she wasn't there for my ceremony...

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