Deconstructing bouquets for centerpieces

So, I'm planning on reusing my bouquet as well as the bridesmaid bouquets for centerpieces to save money. The plan for the centerpieces is to have beer bottles tied together with a flower in each bottle because the reception is at a brewery. So I was thinking of having our day of "run around" person collect the bouquets after a few photos, take them to the reception, and then take them apart so that the flowers can be placed in each bottle. I know most people just have an empty vase to place the bouquets in, so does this plan seem feasible?

Re: Deconstructing bouquets for centerpieces

  • It kind of seems like a pain in the ass. Especially having to do it while the guests are mingling around or sitting at the tables.

    What about cutting the tops off the beer bottles and use the bases as votive holders?  Then you can place those around a vase that will hold a bouquet.  This way you are still using bottles as decor but it will cut down on having to take apart bouquets and put single stems into X number of bottles while your guests are sitting at the tables.

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    I agree with Maggie. Your plan sounds really time consuming. Using the bottles as votive holders instead of single stem vases still incorporates your original idea, it's just easier to assemble quickly.

  • IMO - while I'm all for cutting corners, like the PP have mentioned, this seems time consuming but also, sort of, not sure what the right word for it is...  Just seems like it'd be cheaper/easier to stop off at the grocery store for a few packs of roses or mixed flower bunches and put a single stem into each bottle than taking apart your bouquets.  I also think the bouquet is a small gesture gift to the bridesmaids, so asking them to give them up because you're too cheap to get a few packs of grocery store flowers doesn't come off as being right..
  • Way too much work if all you need is individual flower stems. Bouquets are made to not come apart easily, and flowers are cheap at the grocery store.

  • I agree that deconstructing your bouquets would be time consuming and probably the last thing you are going to want to deal with on your day. Bunches of carnations can be made to look like peonies and baby's breath is a cheap alternative filler flower. Bulk grocery stores like Costco have reasonably priced flowers for this as well.

    And, I know if I were a bridesmaid, I would be sad to give up my bouquet!

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  • Another vote for Maggie's idea. Cut the top off a beer bottle to turn it into a vase. If they aren't big enough find some brown wine bottles, soak the lables off & cut off tops. It would still give the beer bottle feel. It seems like a waste of time to take apart something that time was taken to put together to be beautiful. Plus I know that my BM loved the idea of being able to take them home. We had vases on the head table w/water for the girls to put them in & they doubled as head table decorations. It looked beautiful.

    But if you really want to stay with beer bottles, I would suggest then either putting a few (approx 3) or roses (again probably 3) in them or just fill the top with baby's breath. The white would contrast against the bottle nicely and be easy to & quick to do.

  • Love the baby's breath idea!  Easy, simply and cheap!  

    Aternatively, I'd suggest tying the bottles together, leaving a little space in between that's big enough for your bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets and then you could put those ones on the head table or the reserved tables.  If you're still doing sing stems in all the others, I'd just suggest getting a bunch of stems and putting them in there, not deconstructing the bouquet.  Places like Sam's Club or Costco may have a lot of stems for an inexpensive price.
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