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Dress shopping :-(

A few months ago I tried on one dress i saw on the internet just to get over my nerves of going into a bridal shop. I really do love it and plan to go back in the next couple weeks to try it back on and decide if I still like it or need to find something else. First my mother was upset i didnt take her with me the first time. I was X-Mas shopping an hour from home and did it spur of the moment. We dont have a close relationship and if it werent for the fact I have a kid I'd live out of my car if i had to. Done it before at times. She has asked me several times what the dress looks like and when am i going to get it. Ive told her in a couple weeks Im going up by myself to try it on again. Of course she's not happy about it. And has told me how silly it was to go by myself. How shes dreamed of this for years and now im taking it all away from her. I just told her be glad we didnt elope like we wanted because both of our families would have been upset. Right now my 6 year old daughter and I live with her and honestly I avoid being in the living room because since the engagement she has many times turned on Say Yes to the Dress and commented on how cute or adorable I would look in this one or that one. I only say I'm not the princess type. And that me in any kind of dress is an acomplishment. Constant ball gown dresses, mermaid (on someone who has no curves). SHE HAS DVRd the dang show for crying out loud. Why can't she get it through her head that I am going alone? If she want to come when my daughter picks her flower girl dress that's fine but not for mine. I've got 2 more weeks until I move into our new home but man its been a long couple months.

Re: Dress shopping :-(

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    If you want to buy your dress without your Mom, then buy your dress without your Mom.  She will just have to get over it.  And if she brings up dress shopping again, change the subject or ignore her until she starts talking about something else.

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