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Photo Booth pros and cons? Help!

I've thought about getting one for the reception, but my mom and sister think that guests will be occupied enough between eating, dancing, speeches, etc and that it won't get used or be a waste of money. Ive only been to one wedding before so I don't really know how "the flow" of things works.

For those of you who've had or attended a wedding that had a photo booth, what did you think?

Any advice or suggestions??? I have to make this decision today

Re: Photo Booth pros and cons? Help!

  • We are having one also, I think it's gonna but fun for everyone but especially those that want a break from dancing or whatever.. and it's their favor.
    We are very excited to have the photobooth
  • I am having one at my wedding. I have been to several weddings that had one and they are a blast. As the night goes on the pictures get funnier. My guests will be able to use it as much as they want and each time they will get a slip of picture which I am also using as my wedding favors (killing 2 birds with one stone) They are fun for all ages and most include a scrapbook of all of the pictures taken which the guests also sign. I think they are totally worth the cost! =)
  • We are having one for our guests to use before and after the ceremony. Our church is very modern and the foyer is huge. We will set it up there as our guest book with props and the whole bit. It will be a DIY one that we use for all of our church events. The bonus of this is that it will eat up the hr between the ceremony and reception.
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    I initially did not even consider it in the planning process. Then I attended our company's holiday dinner/dance. There were probably about 300 people there (with a busy dance floor) and that photo booth was PACKED all night long. The lines were seriously at least 30 feet long. People of all ages were using it and whole tables cramming themselves into the booth. Some friends told me the same thing happened at weddings they've attended.

    Make sure your DJ announces it though. It was dead until that happened. No one realized it was there until that point.

    ETA: Cons? Just research and interview. One company was at a bridal show and their presentation was horrible. They offered the slides in a photo album. It was basically one of those old school photo albums with sleeves and they were just half hazardly slid in there. So sloppy!
  • I didn't have a photo booth but I have a video kiosk where people can leave a message. It didn't do well partly because many people didn't know what it was until the end of the night when most were leaving. It depends on your crowd. I think we would have done better with a photo booth but it was too expensive and this was a cheaper alternative.
  • We had a photobooth at our reception and it was a blast! there was someone in that thing all night.  Our guests absolutely loved it and we were told all night long what a great idea it was.  Our photobooth came with props to use and we got a CD with all the pictures taken that night.  We did make our own scrapbook instead of buying theirs.  I got a binder and filled it with construction paper.  I had a handful of rolls of tape and a whole bunch of sharpies.  Guests were able to tape their second copy of the photo into the scrapbook and write us a little message.  It was hilarious looking through all of the pictures.  I am very Pro photobooth and would recommend it to anyone!
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  • We got one literally at the LAST MINUTE (night before, my buddy who works for a booth company got them to do it for free). We had about 300 people and it was used all night. Everyone has been going on and on about it. Good luck! :)
  • We had one, paid the extra for the scrapbook/guest book option and it was a massive hit! They ran out of inserts for all of the photos, everyone had a blast and we have a kick ass guest book and amazing photos on a cd. I even worked with the company to design the layout for the photos instead of choosing from one of their options. It was well worth the money. My cousin is getting married in a few months and she loved the photo booth and my uncle said it's a MUST at their wedding. Good luck and have fun!!!
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  • We thought pretty hard about it before and my husband kept saying that no one would really use it, etc. No one in our area has really had them so we didn't know how it would go. I finally convinced him and we were both shocked at how fantastic it was. Everyone had a blast with it! We had a photobooth that was set up by our photographer and he took the pictures. We are now including them in our Thank You notes.
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