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Do I Have to??

I hardley ever wear makeup. Is anyone else just throwing on mascara and lipstick and calling it a day?

Re: Do I Have to??

  • mikenbergermikenberger In a f'n cornfield member
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    shlasher said:

    I hardley ever wear makeup. Is anyone else just throwing on mascara and lipstick and calling it a day?

    I wear very minimal makeup regularly. Typically, I wear none. However, for my wedding, I am wearing a full face of makeup. Mostly because I know that my naked face may not photograph as well and I paid a lot for a photographer. So in the essence of vanity, not wasting my money and overall how I may look in photos, I'm having my make up done. 

    But if you don't wear a full face regularly, maybe some tinted moisturizer and some blush? 

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    You can do whatever you want to do.  It is your face, so if you feel comfortable with minimal to no makeup then go for it.

  • tojaitojai member
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    I didn't really wear any makeup for my wedding (at the time I didn't wear a lot in general) and it was fine, but when I look back at the pictures I wish I had decided to wear more than I did.  It's not a huge regret or anything, but I think I would've looked better in the photos if I had someone do it for me. 

  • sophhabobophasophhabobopha The Midwestern tundra member
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    Hell no you don't have to.
  • I don't wear any makeup on a regular basis.  Unless you count lip balm or lip gloss.  My bridesmaids and my mother had a fit when I said I don't plan to wear makeup for the wedding.  The bridesmaids were concerned that if I wasn't wearing makeup, they shouldn't either.  I totally don't agree with them, but whatever.  I'm sticking to my guns for the most part.  I've acquiesced to wearing mascara and tinted lip color, and since it's an outdoor June wedding, tinted sunscreen on my face.  But otherwise, I'm not wearing anything.  I want to be comfortable and feel like myself, so I look natural in photos.  Wear as much or as little makeup as you want, as long as you're happy with how you look and are comfortable.  :)
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  • I was seriously just whining about this earlier today. I am a makeup junkie, and I love wearing it, but I almost never do (job has crazy early hours, I'd much rather spend an extra 20 minutes in bed than get up and get ready), and I'm honestly thinking that I'm not going to go too nuts for the wedding.

    Just be comfortable! Do a test run, with pictures (indoors, and especially in natural light, I can't emphasize this enough) and see what feels right to you. I am doing my test run this weekend, so fingers crossed I can get away with just tinted moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and lip tint.

  • basically ya. told my friend i might not even wear make up and then she offered to do it. i was like ok. im planning on wearing my glasses too
  • shlasher said:

    I hardley ever wear makeup. Is anyone else just throwing on mascara and lipstick and calling it a day?

    If you hardly ever wear makeup, I feel that it would be truly beautiful if you stick to your natural/minimal palette and, yeah, "call it a day." Unless you specifically want to glam out, don't. I don't like the idea of brides feeling like a whole different person on the joyous occasion or doing it for anyone other than herself/her groom. For me, I was in the exact opposite boat-- I look like a praying mantis without makeup and cake that sh!t on! People were trying to get me to look less made up on my big day... but that didn't feel quite right to me.  Do what's right for YOU!
  • 99% of the time I don't wear make up. The other 1% I might feel crazy enough to wear mascara and eye shadow. And that's on a really rare occasion. I don't plan on wearing much, if any on my wedding day. FI likes when I don't wear it so it's not like i would be doing it for him either. All I wore was Chapstick in my engagement photos and loved how I look. If you are the kind of person who wants to spruce yourself up for the wedding then do it! If you would feel more comfortable without it then go without it! If you end up going all out for the wedding you might not look enough like yourself. Have a friend who's really good at makeup do a few trials of natural looks on you, if it's something you want to do!
  • I do feel make up is totally up to the individual.  It's how you feel best. The only reason you might want to think about a little more than usual is because of the pictures. I've noticed in pictures when I don't have a bit of powdered foundation on (and I only like the light stuff like bare minerals) my face tends to be a bit shiny. Powders and foundations tend to absorb the flash from the camera better. But besides that point where what you want. You will look lovely either way
  • I am leaving it up to how I feel in morning, after doing my hair and driving to my event space, I may slap on some mascara and tinted chap stick, but that's about it. My wedding is outdoor in June, I don't want a sweaty cakey mess on my face all day attracting bugs and irritating me. Go with what you're comfortable with, your day, your happiness.
  • Yeah, pretty much in that boat with you. Mascara is really all I need to feel like I have my makeup done. As for the wedding, I'm sticking to a simple natural tone and have some simple powder thrown on (one of those mineral things...probably from Mary Kay). My future MIL is a Mary Kay rep, so I've been getting samples from her, and have seriously found looks and products that I'd love to use for the big day.
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  • why not just hire someone to doll you up? its your wedding day. or not. your choice. I'm a little envious that you don't need to wear any makeup every day!
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  • How many pictures do you want to take, and under what conditions? Camera lights can be pretty harsh and wash out features.

    Additionally, you'll be subject to a lot of attention, so an intensive round of naturalistic makeup can do a lot for improving people's mental image of you.
  • Honestly no matter how clear or smooth your skin is, DSLR cameras can pick up even the tiniest imperfections. There is always the "no-makeup" makeup look you can try. Basically its ensuring your skin looks even-toned, eyebrows are symmetrical but subtle, and lips tend to look nude. I would even toss in some mascara to give your eyes a pop.

    For someone that doesn't wear lots of makeup, I would recommend you go for a light BB cream, blush, matte lipstick and if your eyebrows are sparse/unruly just fix those up with a brow pen. If your skin tends to get shiny, I recommend finishing powder to give you that flawless finish. It won't feel too heavy on you, and you'll still look like you, but fresher.
  • As others have said, maybe try some pics in conditions as similar as possible to your venue (inside/outside), both with and without makeup, and see what you like best.

    For my first marriage years ago, I was 19 and not in the habit of wearing makeup. I think I only wore a little lipstick for the wedding. When I saw the pics afterwards, I was sorry I didn't do makeup. This go around, many years later, I'm definitely wearing makeup, but am trying to find what will work outside on the beach that won't melt off in the first 5 minutes.

  • You don't have to wear much makeup but a good skin regimen, clean grooming (eyebrow etc..), natural Blush, mascara, a light foundation and great powder will do wonders. You will regret having an Au naturale face. 
  • I don't normally wear makeup, either. I am getting my makeup done for the wedding, but I've asked for a 'natural' look. Basically, I still want to look like myself, just the 'best', most photogenic version of me. If you do decide to go with a makeup artist, make sure you do a test run to make sure that you look the way you want. :)
  • You don't have to wear much makeup but a good skin regimen, clean grooming (eyebrow etc..), natural Blush, mascara, a light foundation and great powder will do wonders. You will regret having an Au naturale face. 

    OMG girl, you can see the future? And this is the information you choose to look into?
  • ashley8918ashley8918 Chicago Suburbs member
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    No, you absolutely don't have to. and everyone in here telling you that you have to is gross.
  • I would say do what you want and feel comfortable with. It's your day!! I wouldn't spend a fortune on someone else doing your make up you could always have a friend help you or just do it yourself if you decide you want to do more.
  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    Rock your natural face, girl.  You want to look and feel like yourself on your wedding day and if that means no makeup, go for it.
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  • I am an avid makeup lover, personally. 
    But it isn't for everyone. I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in! You wouldn't want to look back at photos and not recognize yourself!
    I'm sure you will be stunning in whatever you chose!
  • No, you absolutely don't have to wear a bunch of makeup. I wearing a little powder, eye shadow, mascara, and chapstick. I almost never wear makeup and my fiance doesn't like it anyway. You don't want to look back at your wedding pictures and think "Wow, who is that bride?" just because you wore a lot of makeup.
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