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question about thank you notes

Can I hand them out personally? I prepared some of them tonight for the gifts that have arrived to my mom's house in the past few weeks. My shower is April 25th so idk if to send them now or give them to be handed out. 

Re: question about thank you notes

  • edited April 2015
    Is the intent that these people had them shipped to the host's house so that they're opened at the shower? Or are these people who aren't coming and sent their gifts early? If the former, I'd open them at the shower and send the TY after. If the latter, send the TY now.

  • The ones that have arrived I understand are going to the shower. 

    I asked for gifts to not be wrapped in order to not waste wrapping paper. I told my mom that if they wanted to do something for the gifts at the shower to put a ribbon on top along with the card. 

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