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Tired Tuesday

I don't know about you but I'm Exhausted this morning! My genius plan for this morning was to get up extra early like @swazzle to work out but that definitely failed. So I went and got coffee which has done nothing to wake me up yet. Is everyone sleepy this morning or is it just me?

Tonight I hope to get in a quick Insanity workout before I have to go to this meeting at DH's school. I'm volunteering there at the end of the month for their community service day. They always do something pretty cool so I'm excited to help out. Also, I took a picture of myself this morning because it took me FOREVER to get into my dress but here is my 17 week bump. Baby Peach is making themselves known this morning lol (excuse my tired face and messy hair):
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Re: Tired Tuesday

  • You are absolutely adorable, @southernpeach89!!!
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  • I am tired today, but not as tired as yesterday.  I'm afraid my PT is starting to catch up with me.  :(

    I just saw that more rain is moving in.  We really need it, but geez it makes me SO SLEEPY!!

    I have a long day at work today...  6:45 to 4:45 today.  Bleh!  Maybe my last meeting will be cancelled and I can go home on time.  I want to get in a 1.5 mile run (plus warm up and cool down) before H gets home and we do our PiYo work out. 
  • @southernpeach89 Look at that bump! Little Peach is getting so big! You look great!

    I'm tired today. I had to do some adulting last night and go to the Town Meeting. We were voting on the budget that pays to employee me so I had to go. It was long and boring but we got what we wanted so that was good. 

    I also feel pained this morning. I have nasty cramps!! Hopefully they will go away soon with meds. 

    I wanted to start up C25K last night but I forgot about the meeting. Hopefully I will start up tonight depending on how I feel with these cramps when I get home!
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  • Boo @southernpeach9 I can't see the picture on my work computer. 

    I am pretty tired this morning, I don't know why I slept very well.  I also had a strange dream I didn't want to getup from it though it was a nice one.  I have to run a bunch of errands after work.  I probably wont get in any work out today.  I've been awful at keeping up with working out and with one of the meds I'm on I worried about loosing more weight, it kinda sucks. H & I have been super motivated in getting stuff around the house done.  It's been nice to check things off the list.

    I am reading a book by Cary Elwes on the making of The Princess Bride, it is such a good book.  I can't wait to get back to reading it tonight.


  • @CocoBellaF Thank you : ) Rain makes me sleepy too. It's so hard to get up in the morning when it's dark outside and raining.

    @caseface5 I'm sorry you're not feeling very good this morning : ( Hopefully you will feel better as the day goes on.

    Awww @peaseblossom55 that stinks! No worries though, I look like a furry rodent in my picture anyways lol.
  • @swazzle EEEKKKK I want to crash @hummingbird125 's bachelorette party!!! You all are going to have so much fun!
  • I love all the adult coloring books!!
  • @labro I am CONSTANTLY on the lookout for fun adult coloring books but usually resort to Disney princesses if I'm feeling a creativity funk coming on lol something about just working with colors really turns something on in my brain :)

    I can't tell if I'm tired today or not. Its the last day of my vacation so I really shouldn't be, and also I haven't had any coffee yet because I am trying to drink more water so I have this .75 liter water bottle (that I used to be obsessed with and then suddenly stopped using) that I want to empty first. Getting healthy is hard lol.

    Yesterday I went grocery shopping for non-junk food and I am TERRIBLE at grocery shopping because my entire adult life I've either been dead broke and only bought like, mac and cheese and chef boyardee, or just ate out/fast food all the time. I get overwhelmed and wind up doing laps and thinking way too hard about the food I'm buying. I ended up avoiding the produce and meat aisles all together and bought some frozen veggies, beans, brown rice, whole wheat wraps and cereal lol. I'll figure out my lunches for the week and try again this weekend lol. I also informed my roommate that I want to have a healthier diet and she agreed and then poured half an inch of oil in a skillet for chicken cutlets. This is gonna be tough lol.

    Today I am gonna get my laundry done, some homework out of the way, and generally get myself back in order so I am ready to go back to work. Sigh.
  • @Labro Bring your coloring books over to my house on Sunday for GOT and we can color!!!

    @Hummingbird125 I love that ring box and you're going to have a blast at your bachelorette party!!!

    @untouchablets It sounds like you're on the right track though with water and being proactive at the grocery store. I love the produce section right now because I'm obsessed with fruit but just think it's summer time you want that juicy watermelon lol. You're going great!
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    @southernpeach89 - Look at that cute little peach bump! You look great.

    I'm tired today too...FI and I had to have a looong talk about a few things last night and it ended up being a late night. I actually didn't talk to him for most of the evening because I was just so annoyed and frustrated, but luckily we got everything cleared up before we went to sleep.

    I had a couple of fairly urgent WR things to take care of after work yesterday...since 24 hours ago I did not have a veil or shoes for my wedding! I had planned to borrow FSIL's veil, but realized on the weekend that wouldn't work because it was way too long and the wrong colour. And I'd been looking everywhere for a particular pair of shoes and could not find them in stock at any of the stores that claimed to carry them. Soooo I ended up going to David's bridal and got THIS veil that I'd seen before and liked and THESE shoes that I like better than the ones I was looking for before! And now I need to figure out a new "something borrowed".

    I have a few more errands to run tonight, and then I need to get home and tidy up my apartment. Management is coming tomorrow to do their inspection for before I move out, and I want to have the place cleaned up a bit!



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  • I am not tired today. I got a good night's sleep and got to lay in bed for a little bit before I had to get up, which was nice.

    Tomorrow my MIL and I are going to go to DC to visit a museum or two, and see the cherry blossoms. I can't wait to take lots of pictures. 

    I'm also seriously bummed these days about my weight. I've gained 9 lbs since November, and my clothes are starting to get tight again. My leg is still not much better, and I am getting really impatient. A sedentary me is a very cranky, mushy me.
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    It definitely feels like a tired Tuesday around's so gloomy outside. Rain this afternoon for sure. Hoping that the work day flies by. 

    @hummingbird125 Yay for bachelorette this weekend! Mine is in June and I cannot wait! 

    @labro I used to love coloring mandalas in the summer. Sadly, no time for it during the school year. 

    I'm thinking tonight will be either take out for dinner or something quick like pasta or tacos. I just don't have the creativity to make something today. It's also finally hitting me that the wedding is quickly approaching! Only 80-something days to go!

  • @southerpeach89 I'm sure you look wonderful! 

    I really need an adult coloring, My goal is to order one this week from amazon.

    @swazzle sounds like your weekend is going to be fun!  Have a great time!


  • @lmcooper86 I LOVE those shoes...but then again I'm a sucker for pearls!!! 

    @cu97tiger Have fun with your MIL in DC and the cherry blossoms. It sounds like it's going to be beautiful!

    @TwoDimes -I'm sorry about Indy getting up in the middle of the night. That sounds like Cinders lol. Maddux would do that sometimes when we first got him but it was usually to poop or pee. Do you play or anything before bedtime? Would that help get her to sleep more?

  • @TwoDimes - I feel your pain.  We were up cleaning Bax's fish butt at 1:30 this morning.  :(
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    @southernpeach - You are adorable in that picture! Yay for baby peach!

    @labro - That coloring book seems so awesome! I feel like I need to go find one of these adult coloring books!

    I woke up in a good mood today, which is unusual lately so I'm hoping it lasts. I was supposed to have the afternoon off today but it looks like that isn't happening. It's fine though because the more they keep doing this to me the more I get paid overtime for working Saturdays. However, it would have been nice to have an afternoon off this week to get ready to move on Saturday! I'm so excited about my new apartment!! It's across the street from work, my gym, and an actually decent grocery store. And it's closer to BF so I'll get to see him more during the week.

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    @TwoDimes Cinders would do that to us. And at night it's like she still gets this massive burst of energy before bedtime and while we're brushing our teeth and stuff, all she wants to do is run around and play ball! You just gotta power through it! Are there bones or anything in her crate that she can occupy herself with at night?

    @southernpeach89 I REALLY wanted to bring it last Sunday but my coloring book hadn't arrived yet. I am definitely bringing it over this weekend for coloring fun!!

    @cu97tiger I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow! Stop feeling so down about your weight, I'm sure some of it is just muscle density from starting to work out again.

  • @hummingbird125 have a great time at your bachelorette party!

    @twodimes your salad sounds really yummy.  I'm planning to make a big salad this week for us for dinner. 

    @lmcooper86 the veil and shoes are so pretty.  Yay.  I didn't wear a something borrowed, but my table numbers frames were borrowed though.



  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    @labro - I love colouring, but I have not seen any of these cool grown up colouring books! My girlfriend and I do like to print colouring pages though...full disclosure they're usually Disney. I feel like I need to get a colouring book now, I always find it soothing.

    @TwoDimes - That salad sounds delish! I've been so crazy busy lately that I'm hardly home for dinner and I feel like my meals have been so boring lately :(

    @southernpeach89 - Thanks! I am too, I don't want a lot of bling but I want pearls. The other pair I was looking for had sort of a pearl and rhinestone cluster around the toes, but these ones look fancier and are way prettier!



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  • @LaBro - My coloring books should be delivered today!! I can't even wait to get started on them. I might have to go to Target tonight to get colored pencils to do them, I only have crayons. 
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    @KeptInStitches I'm totally sending some of my "artwork" to my 6 year old niece because she sends me pages she's colored in the mail all the time. And then the rest is going in my cube at work hahahaha.

    @untouchablets Eating healthy for me definitely starts with planning my weekly menu, making a grocery list, and NOT buying anything not on the list (chips, cookies, unhealthy snacks, etc.). 

  • @Keptinstitches I would totally put my coloring master pieces all over our refridgerator lol.
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    @southernpeach89 AHHH LOOKIT YOUR BUMP!!

    @peaseblossom55 I bought that Cary Elwes book for J for Valentine's Day! How are you enjoying it so far? He hasn't had a chance to read it yet, unfortunately.

    @untouchablets I'm terrible at food shopping and cooking for myself. But one thing that has really helped for me is to plan my meals in advance and be as realistic as possible. Like, I know if there are unhealthy snacks, I'm going to binge on them, so if I want to stick to my planned meals, I need to avoid buying things like chips or candy. I also try to buy a lot of non-perishable items. And then I make a list and ONLY buy things on the list. No exceptions. It helps a lot to go in with a plan.

    @labro I think you should link everyone to this coloring book!!

    I'm exhausted today; I didn't sleep well Monday night or last night, and I've got a very long day today. It's 11am, and I've taught a class and gotten an eye exam. Hooray for new contacts after ... well, a very long time to be wearing a monthly pair ...

    I've got some more work to finish in the lab, but my plan is to head out and go to the gym, head home and shower and spend some time with Loki (he's hanging in there), and then come back in for therapy and then to meet up with friends for drinks.
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  • @phira I really love it! I am a huge fan of the movie too, so hearing some of the back stories is just wonderful.  I am reading it on my kindle so I am able 30% of the way through the book.


  • Why did I not know about adult coloring books?!!? I must get some.

    southernpeach89 You look amazing. I still vote girl.
    lmcooper86 I love those shoes and veil.  Do you have all your jewelry already? My family always borrows a piece of jewelry. 
    bethsmiles you'll have to share pictures of your new place once you're all moved in!
    cu97tiger I felt the same way when I was in a cast.  Once I was able to really start moving around, I felt so much better. 
    Hummingbird125 Have lots of fun at your bachelorette this weekend and make sure to share all the details Monday! Also, I love your ring bearer box. 

    We started putting the railing up for the stairs yesterday. I left early, so no idea what else was done.  Today my family (those who are off today), is helping my youngest sister move into her first apartment.  I'm meeting up with them after I get out of work to bring her dog over. Depending on how late we are there, I may go to the house to help my bf. 

    Tomorrow I have a consultation with a dental office for invisalign.  I had braces as a kid, but the retainer never fit (and the orthodontist made me cry so I refused to have a new one made), now all my teeth have shifted.  I've been going back and forth for awhile and saw a promotion for $1000 off at a local office. We'll see how the consultation goes and if I'm willing to go through that pain again. 

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