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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Wedding Photographer Issues

So we had our wedding, and it was great! But we had hired a photographer who was just starting out in the busness, and she was a little less than professional. Now I'm just worrying about some stuff and I'm wondering if my worries are unfounded.

Our photographer didn't take one picture of my mother, or me with my mother except for during the big family shot. I was too distracted, it being my wedding day, to notice at the time, but it really hurt my mother's feelings and now I am afraid that my mother will have no fond memory to look back upon, only an indication that she wasn't there or wasn't important. Our photographer seemed highly disorganized when getting shots of groups of people. She seemed interested only in the photographs that she could take and get more money for herself. At least thats the impression I got by doing things like leaving out my mother.

She also prodded my mother to "go up and fix my veil" -during the ceremony! My veil had fallen so that you couldn't see my face through the side...but i didnt think that it was appropriate to ruin my mother's experience...she was to embarrassed to go up and fix it despite the photographer's prodding. I wonder why the photographer didn't do it herself or ask my matron of honor to.

Then as my husband and I were trying to say goodbye to guests she kept trying to pull us away to get a picture with us so she could leave, and made very frustrated sounds because we didn't get away from people fast enough! I was so aggravated about that, because it was our wedding day and we were saying goodbye to people we hadn't seen in years! She made the situation even more stressful as a million people were trying to talk to me at once.

I also noticed that during the reception she was sitting down in the corner!!! I though I had paid for full wedding coverage??? But I hope that maybe she took more pictures than I was aware of...

She also said it will take about 5 weeks to get my photos on a cd...Is that a normal length of time? It seems rather lengthy to me...

I guess beggars can't be choosers, but I'm a professional writing student, and even I know that you have to be professional at every level. Am I being crazy or did this photographer not meet those standards?

I'm looking forward to some very beautiful photos, because she is very much an "artiste", but come on, when you are working for people on the most important day of their life, its all business!!
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