Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Married two months yesterday!!

Wow, it really flies by. I swear, all that time and stress and money, and then it's all over so fast and you're married for two months before you know it :)

Navy asked me to come post a recap of my wedding, so here goes :) It's a wedding recap mixed with some advice.

The night before the wedding, my best friend and BM kidnapped me to her house. I was so stressed and not sleeping well, that we really needed to have some fun girl time after the RD and decorating the church. (Btw, my RD? Pizza and wings at the church :) Don't stress majorly over this if you can't go all out, no one cared!!). At her house, we drank wine and tied ribbon on bubbles and relaxed. I really, really encourage you to do this!! You need to get calmed down and try to get as much relaxation and sleep before the wedding as you can.

I took two tylenol pm about 10 hours before I wanted to get up, so that I'd fall asleep quickly and get some good rest, but still have enough time after I woke up for the medicine to wear off. Worked like a charm, and I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 9 am. We had a super relaxed and fun day, because the wedding started at 6, and pics didn't begin til 4 (we only had our photog for 4 hours, which turned out to be plenty of time for a short church wedding and non-party feel reception).

We got up, had a good breakfast (PLEASE do this, as the day progresses you won't really feel like eating and getting a good breakfast is imperative to feeling good the rest of the day!!) at a local coffee shop. Decaf frappes and blueberry scones, while NOT discussing the wedding, was perfect. Then we headed out for a spa mani and pedi, then over to get my hair and make-up done. I really recommend getting all of that done, if for nothing else than not having to worry about having to take care of it yourself. Plus, it's nice and relaxing to get pampered :):)

I finally headed to the church at 3, where I slipped on my something blue Just Married undies, garter, and dress. My friend (aka my stylist) put the finishing touches on my hair with my veil and headband. I didn't have any lunch and tried to choke down some peanut butter crackers and a coke, but it didn't work too well! Pictures started at 4, and we ended promptly at 5:30 as guests started to arrive. We didn't do a first look before the ceremony, so my girls made sure I was locked away safely before DH came out of hiding.

The ceremony was wonderful and over SO fast!! Those 30 minutes literally flew by. Remember, everyone says stop and try to enjoy it, and they're right! I only teared up a little bit, and DH didn't stumble a bit, his greatest fear. A few things I noted: I stressed over cute programs, and I had over half left. Not a single person commented on my super cute monogrammed aisle runner or church decor, which bugged me because I worked hard at those details!! Anyway, SMILE all the time! Our photog was snapping pics the whole time, and I wish I had smiled more.

Our reception was fun and laidback. Since we got married at our church, and the reception was in the fellowship hall, there was no alcohol or dancing. But, everyone had a great time mingling and chatting with soft, country love songs playing in the background. The meal (in my bio) and cupcakes (also in my bio) were a HUGE hit. I was SO glad I put my foot down on having cupcakes, because everyone loved them. We cut a small, two tier cake, sipped a little bubbly, and I forced DH to do a little dance with me ;)

After about an hour of mingling and chatting with everyone (we also did a receiving line, which actually went by pretty fast for 130 guests), we finished up our pics with the photog so she could go. Then we went back to our reception, and the "DJ" (the ipod guy), announced we were getting ready to leave. Everyone lined up in our church hallway with bubbles, and sent us on our way!! We of course came back, changed, and left for our HM.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! My planning bio and married bio are linked in my siggy, plus my full album of wedding pics can be found on photobucket under the SN knottiewhitsy.

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