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Missouri-St Louis

Brunch Venue & Capacity issues??

After a hunger games like guest list slash fest, my FH and I managed to get the guest list to 95-100. That's really the smallest it could get, unless we do family only which we'd really rather not, and even then the bulk (over 80%) of our list is family. Yay large irish/german families!
So far, all the venues are either too small (9th street loft, 60 max...Soulard, 48 max) or too big (WOW...300, City Museum...200) and I'm having a hard time staying on budget. A lot of the ones that would accommodate were really pricey or had crazy high minimums-even for a Friday night! 

So we've opted for a brunch wedding instead to help cut costs, plus breakfast foods! 
Does anyone have any suggestions for places to look? FH does not want an outdoor wedding, period, and since we're getting married in March, I can't count on nice weather either.
Would the city museum's vault room (200 pp) be too big for our crowd? I'm worried that if we get a smaller venue, and more people RSVP/show up we'll be in trouble, but alternatively if we do go with a 200 person venue and only say 75 show, that might look weird space wise?

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