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Saratoga/Capital Region DJ Recommendations???

Hi everyone,

I am getting married in May 2016 and am really struggling to find a DJ that 'wows' us. I have been to many weddings where the DJ 'takes over' the wedding, which is certainly something we do not want. We have also looked into bands, but I don't really think this is what we are looking for. Ideally, the DJ will 'blend in' to the wedding and not be 'cheesy'/ too focused on current top 40 hits (Most of our music will be pre-2000's with some favorite newer songs thrown in). Can anyone recommend a DJ based on your experience? We'd really appreciate it!!! Thank you in advance :)

PS-- We'd really live to have a live musician who can play along with the DJ if at all possible (e.g., drums, saxophone, etc). We've seen it at other weddings elsewhere but I cannot seem to find any DJs in the capital region that offer this...

Re: Saratoga/Capital Region DJ Recommendations???

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    I am not getting married until July 2016, but I have heard from multiple vendors that the DJ we went with is the absolute best in the Capital Region. Our officiant was ecstatic to hear that we hired him, and told us that's who he was going to recommend if we didn't have one yet. Another officiant that we interviewed had a similar reaction and even mentioned how she was so upset that she wasn't able to get him for her wedding because he had the date booked already. 

    So with that said, I would call him asap because he books up quickly, but our DJ is Mike Garrasi from Music Man Entertainment. He is been an absolute pleasure to work with so far, and even told me that I could call him 24/7 if I needed anything. While he does not have any live musicians associated with his business, he can definitely recommend some that he has worked with in the past, and he is very open to unique ideas. 

    I don't want to publicly call out anyone, but I had a bad experience with another DJ service in the area, and then found Mike and booked him. It turns out that Mike is cheaper than the other DJ service is (comparing apples to apples at least; the other service offers cheaper packages but you don't get the same quality as Mike with those). You can PM me if you want more info about what happened with the other one. 

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    Oh, and there is a DJ service in the area that offers live music, but I know nothing about them apart from what is on their website and that they also have good online reviews. They were my next choice to reach out to if Mike was booked for our date. They are called Piano Man DJ and they offer a harpist, guitarist, pianist, and/or string trio in addition to a DJ. 

    I hope all of that helps!

  • We are using Karl Meehan from State of Sound DJs. He has an interactive planning form for song lists... do not play list.... timeline, etc. 
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