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Hey Girls! 

I've booked two bridal appointment's, one on the 25th of this month and the other the following Saturday, May 2nd. I have to admit I am a little nervous to attend the first bridal appointment, because of the reviews on the Knot and yelp. The reviews are horrible. The shop only has 2 stars on Yelp :/
The bridal shop has the designer that I love and the bridesmaids dresses. What would you do? I'm still going to keep the second appointment at the other bridal shop just in case the first doesn't work out. The second has the designer, but the dresses that I love. The designer, Allure has different sections based on the style. 

Re: Dress Shopping

  • UGH. Allure dresses are so hard to find in my area too, but I absolutely LOVE them. I would definitely go to both appointments. Especially since it's your first time trying on dresses, right?. The first time I went I just tried on a bunch of different fabrics and silhouettes to see what I liked. Even though I had an idea of what I wanted, it was nice to really narrow down my vision. Keep in mind that if you find a dress that you LOVE you can always order it somewhere else if you don't feel you'll receive good service there.

    Not to scare you, but I've been shopping twice and haven't found anything I loved on me. So it may take longer than two appointments and that's ok! Just enjoy it because you'll never get to shop for another bridal gown! And since our weddings are still a million light years away you don't have to make a decision immediately. Good luck and have FUN!
  • @rachdzog08 I know I don't want strapless. I hate the look of my girls hanging out on my wedding day, lol. I will enjoy my day & best luck to you in finding your dress!

  • Funny you should ask. The same thing happened at my first dress appointment. I went anyway because they had Allure gowns and my mom and I saw some others we liked at a bridal show they were at. I just tried on a bunch of dresses at the place. The customer service was horrible, but my mom and I just used it as an appointment to get an idea of what we liked, didn't like, etc. 

    I ended up getting my dress at my 2nd appointment. The customer service was amazing, and she really made me feel like I was making a decision for me and not for her to get a sale. I already booked my bridesmaid appointment for the end of June with them. 

    I will tell you to keep an open mind. What I thought I would like/love I didn't, but the gown I found was just a perfect match for me. I would have never picked it from my initial appointment, but it was just perfect for our style of wedding, my body, and my overall vision. 

    Like @rachdzog08 said, if you don't feel comfortable ordering from that place, don't! My friend ordered from the place I went for my first time, and she said it was only because of that dress. She didn't have good customer service, which makes the whole experience more stressful than it has to be. 

    Have FUN! :) 

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  • @the2016bride2be I don't want my bridal party in strapless either. 4/6 are VERY blessed in the bosom department, and they just wouldn't feel comfortable all day in that.

    I didn't think I would want strapless either but every dress with straps I've tried on was NOT flattering on me. At least most wedding dresses are structured to give some support, unlike a lot of bridesmaid dresses. And thank you! It'll probably be a month or two before I go shopping again, but I'm sure I'll find my dream dress eventually haha!

    And I totally agree with @kmomac, keep an open mind. Dresses that I thought were not my favorite on the hanger looked good sometimes, and dresses I thought were stunning just did not look good on me. Congrats on finding your dress btw!

  • I go this weekend to the first appointment ! I will let you all know my experience :)
  • Good luck finding your dress! I would go to both appointments to get an idea what you want. Also people are easier to write about a bad experience. Hopefully you have a good experience, enjoy :)
    I chose the second shop I went to. I had a really good experience, which I was nervous since I'm plus size. Both places were really nice and the customer service was great.
  • @the2016bride2be can't wait to hear how it goes! 

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  • edited April 2015
    The appointment was AWSOME! 

    We were about 30 minutes late due to crazy traffic in my town, but the bridal salon didn't care about that at all. We walked into a beautiful boutique. Its not like the places on "Say Yes to the Dress",  its more intimate. Me and bridesmaids + mom were the only people there at the time so I had the entire place to myself. The employee plug a bunch of dresses, two were NOT my style, but the others were nice.  The first dress i tired on was the Allure Bridal Dress. It hugs my body in all the right places and has a gorgeous back. I tried on the other dresses, but none of them had the feel that I had with the first  It's so amazing !!! The second appointment was scheduled for next week, but everyone is busy including me, so I had to cancel it & maybe reschedule. I just feel that the first one is my dress! I know I know people say go to multiple places, but that takes time and driving :/ 

    I can see myself walking down the aisle in this one <3 

    I guess those reviews were wrong after all. 
  • @the2016bride2be I am SO glad you had a great experience! If you feel the first one is your dress I say go for it! As long as you are completely ok with the shopping experience to be over. If you have any hesitations I would go to at least one more appointment. But you said you could see yourself walking down the aisle in it, so if you're really set on it then go ahead and buy it!

    Every bride is different. I for one have been shopping twice and haven't found anything I really felt truly beautiful in and loved. But I'm am HUGELY indecisive about everything and LOVE bridal shopping, so it will probably take me a little longer and that's ok too. Do whatever your heart is telling you!

  • @rachdzog08 thank you for saying that. I will go to the bridal shop again with just my mom and sister and then SAY YES to dress #1 ! I hope you find a wonderful dress :)
  • I can finally say that dress shopping is on FRIDAY!! Weeeeee! I can't wait - beyond excited. 

    I'll report back :)
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    [Deleted User]kmomac
  • Update: I BOUGHT MY DRESS! And I'm in love with it :)

    Bridesmaids dressed were also bought in the same appointment. Yayyy!
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  • allyballyoop was this  your first appointment bridal shopping? I made my second appt on 13th June at a different salon. If I don't find anything I will go back to the first bridal shop.
  • @the2016bride2be Yes, this was my first appointment. That reminds me - I need to cancel my backup appointment I had scheduled for the end of June! 
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  • AWSOME! I fell in love with an allure dress, but I want to look at one more  store . My first appointment was packed with family and friends . This time i'm only bringing my mom  and sis. 
  • @allyballyoop I'm so happy for you! Finding the dress in one appointment is impressive! What kind of style did you get?!
  • kmomackmomac member
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    Hey @allyballyoop I'm gonna need more details than that. Kthanks :) 

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  •  @allyballyoop

    YES more details girl!
  • hahaha sorry, ladies!! 

    My dress is an ivory ball gown with an illusion neckline (underlay is strapless, illusion overlay is boat neck). It has a leaf pattern from the strap area, down the whole bodice and it trickles down to about the top of the thigh. Not too poofy as there's only one layer of tulle on top of the skirt, long train. Gah!! I LOVE IT. Going to wear a long, cathedral-length veil. 

    Bridesmaids dress are navy (did a complete 180 from a pale, powder blue!). They're Bill Levkoff - long, chiffon, sweetheart neckline. Matron and maid of honor are wearing a different neckline (flowers, draping over one shoulder). The three other bridesmaids's version have a flower detail in the center of the bust area and it's mimicked in the back too! GORGE. 

    Enough detail? ;)
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  • @allyballyoop 

    Your dress seems to be amazing! I love Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses. I really wanted to get my bridesmaids dresses from there, but we are probably going to settle with David's Bridal, because I have 2 out of town bridesmaids.

    Oh BTW I'm going back to the first bridal shop and trying on the dress that I LOVE and canceling the second dress place. 
  • Yaaaay! Good luck, @the2016bride2be !! 
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  • kmomackmomac member
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    @allyballyoop that is awesome girl!! I am going for bridesmaid dresses in a few weeks and have been eyeing some of the Bill Levkoff designs. 

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  • @kmomac, aren't they all amazing?!

    These are the exact dresses from his line that we bought, both in navy as shown.

    My Matron and Maid of Honor dress: http://www.billlevkoff.com/style/bridesmaid-dress/334 
    The other three Bridesmaids' dress: http://www.billlevkoff.com/style/bridesmaid-dress/774

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  • @Allyballyoop Congrats on finding everything! That's so exciting! Your dress sounds lovely, and the bridesmaid dresses are great. I bet it feels amazing to get something so huge out of the way, and on one trip too! I am impressed!

    @the2016bride2be I'm glad you're sticking with the dress you love! And best of luck at David's Bridal.  I went there once but was very unimpressed. I'm looking for short dresses in either a soft turquoise or bright coral, and they don't really have nice shades in either of those. Not sure what I'm going to end up doing...because I have six bridesmaids....and they are in four different states ha. Hopefully they have what you're looking for though!!!!

    I'm going dress shopping June 11th with two bridesmaids (For both my wedding dress, and their bridesmaid dresses), and then again on June 12th with my mom and some other family. I CAN'T WAIT. Hopefully we find a few dresses I really love for the Bridesmaids, then I can try them on with each girl and choose from there. It's tough because I will most likely only go shopping with each girl once if I'm lucky, and not at the same time. I'm sure I'll find something though!
  • Went to David's bridal in may and the last dress I tried on I really liked. So I think that's the dress I am going to buy. I'll make a second appointment in July.
  • Ladies, I am on cloud nine because I bought my dress yesterday!

    Finding it was like a dream come true. I went to the Kleinfeld sample sale and found my dream dress there. The best part is the dress originally retailed for almost $5,000, but I got it for 75% off! It’s a Mark Zunino ball gown with a bottom full of ruffles and an amazing French lace top. I’m going to wear a cathedral veil with some detailing on it.  GAH, it’s all just so stunning. I am so happy I can’t contain it!!!


    I hope you ladies are all having similar luck!!!

  • Woooo! Congrats, @rachdzog08!! That's SO exciting!
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    [Deleted User]
  • Alfred Angelo in my city has HORRIBLE online reviews (that made me really nervous) but I went and ended up loving the service and the dress. I think it's always best to try it out yourself if you have the chance to! 
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