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"This week's leaders"

This is more of a suggestion than a bug or anything.

But in the forums on the right-hand side, you can see a little member listing of "this week's leaders" (sometimes it says new members I think). It seems SO random. It might be nice if the listings correlated with the forum (like, I was in Chit Chat and it said "this week's leaders in Etiquette"). I really do like the idea of seeing who is active in the community, so I like the listing, but it could just be improved a little to be more...useful.

Re: "This week's leaders"

  • That's really great feedback, and good to know people would like to see who's been active in the community!

    We've been discussing how to improve the side bar there, especially the leaders section so I'll bring this up at our next meeting!

  • When that feature was first installed, it DID give you the list for the board you were on, so it is definitely doable.
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  • I agree.  It is a little bit vague at the moment.
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