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Birdcage veil questions

Hi all,

I'm really gravitating towards wearing a bridcage or possibly bandeau veil, but I'm totally lost. I know with regular veils the bride tends to take them off once it's time for the reception because (I'm assuming) they get in the way. Do you do the same for birdcage veils? 

Another question, I see all these gorgeous hair clips online, and I love them. However, I never see any pictures with a bride who has both say, a birdcage and then a pretty clip towards the back of her updo. 

Is it pretty much one or the other?  I'm not a fashionista so I'm sorry if this sounds dumb. 
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Re: Birdcage veil questions

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    I see a lot of birdcages anchored off to one side and a bit back--you could probably attach it to a fancy clip on the side of your updo if the netting is long enough. Having a hair clip separate from the veil still might work since you wouldn't really see both at one time, but it might also end up looking too busy. I think you'd have to try it (but maybe try it with a normal hair clip you already own before you run out and buy one).

    I'm actually debating switching from a cathedral veil to a birdcage after the ceremony, so I'm firmly of the camp of leaving the birdcage on for the reception.
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    My daughter did almost exactly as you describe. She wore a simple birdcage veil along with a fascinator that incorporated a bit of netting ala a birdcage veil. She removed the veil after the ceremony and left the fascinator in for the reception.
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    Honestly, I think birdcage veils are a current fad.  My daughter wore one at her reception, but had a traditional veil for her church ceremony.  JMHO.
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    I wore a birdcage veil. I liked it with my hairdo (I just had a simple side-pony, which I felt was a bit bland without the veil) and I wore it through my whole reception.
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    I wore a birdcage veil anchored on a headband, and then just switched it out for a headband without a veil for the reception.
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