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beat brides that could share ideas for Tim Burton style wedding

I have done my internet searches over and over again so I have seen every site, photo, pin, blog, etc. If anyone has any specific photos or things you have seen at actual weddings/parties it would be more than appreciated. I’m trying to go for a goth glam style. I would love inspirations from Tim Burton or Edgar Allen Poe. Anything you could show or recommend would be great! Thank you!!

Re: beat brides that could share ideas for Tim Burton style wedding

  • We're doing a Halloween wedding and our officiant is building us the archway from Beetljuice to get married in front of.  That's pretty Tim Burtony!
  • My wedding invitations, programs, and thank you cards are all Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas themed. The wedding space itself will be decorated in a similar theme from that movie as it is my favorite, but there will also be redneck touches as my fiance is a self proclaimed redneck 
  • Haha, that's awesome!  Those are two wildly different themes but somehow I get the feeling they're going to work well together.  My MOH loves Nightmare Before Christmas and was seriously considering coming to our wedding as Sally before she decided on coming as Medusa instead.

    What are you thinking for redneck touches so far?
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