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Problems Between Fiance and Parents

So my fiance and I are getting married very soon and moving to a different state shortly afterward.  My parents have been very vocal about being unhappy about the move and have recently said I need to start spending more time with them before the move.  The reasoning is my fiance "gets me for the rest of my life" and now my fiance is upset and thinks he's not "allowed" to spend any time with me.  I don't know what to do.  I understand where my parents are coming from but don't want to spend the few weeks before the wedding constantly arguing with my fiance.  Anyone had a similar problem or any advice?  It would be much appreciated!

Re: Problems Between Fiance and Parents

  • I'm sorry, that sounds stressful. But you are an adult - your parent's cant force you to spend all of your free time with them. Why don't you set up a few special outings/dinners whatever with your parents, and include your FI? Maybe if you set aside special time with them, they will back off a little.

    Either way, they don't get to make you spend time with them (assuming you are an adult and they are not supporting you financially).
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