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Alterations cost- Davids Bridal vs. other

What's a typical price to expect for dress alterations? I was quoted $150 to start to alter the length of my dress at David's Bridal, and not sure what to expect at other places. What's been your experience? I think David's also quote about $100 or $150 or so for the bustle. 



Re: Alterations cost- Davids Bridal vs. other

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    I think that sounds reasonable for the hemming and maybe a little high for the bustle, depending on how complex it is. However, you will probably find better quality of alterations with a different bridal salon or independent seamstress.
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    My dress is from David's and they are doing the alterations too. My store is actually really nice, it's a "Collections" one in a ritzy area of town, so I do trust them. 

    Either way, they had a book of the dresses and specific alterations prices when I went, so I didn't really feel like I was getting ripped off, because the prices were set, ya know? Maybe they were high, but I don't really know. 

    Anyways, for my dress (lace ball gown) it was $150 for the hem, $50 to take the sides in, bustle was $50 for the first 3 points, then $7 for each point after that (and she was nice to work with me to minimize points), and $10 to attach my sash. 
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    I purchased my dress and alterations from a local bridal salon. with dress veil and alterations i paid 1400 bustle hem and alter the length take in the bust 3 times and sew in cups. 

    my sister purchased years ago her prom dress at a huge steal at davids for around like 60 it was a mermaid style no beading her and my mom had no clue they could take the dress and go elsewhere for alterations. well 300 later in alterations. they told her she wont have her dress altered in time so it needed to be rushed so they paid for that as well and she didnt need much altered on it just the length cups and possibly the bust and  they gave her a date it would be ready.  when she got there they couldn't find the dress because it was not even finished yet so much for the rush fee 
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    I work for a lady who does wedding gown alterations. David's charges $100 per layer for a hem. For our area, the prices quoted above are really high.
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    The prices of bustles at David's vary depending on how many buttons your bustle requires. Mine had 17 buttons because of the style of bustle I went with (dress was tucked under) so that racked up my bill fast. I had the zipper converted to a corset w/panel. All together I think I paid around $350 for mine. I didn't need the length adjusted or anything else done. I know one of my friends paid a lot less then that for her alterations. But she got an Alfred Angelo dress I believe and the dress was custom made to her measurements so the only alterations that were going to have to be done were the hem and bustle & the minor adjustment if she had any weight changes.
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