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NWR- Baby Shower Question

Just a random question about the etiquette of an upcoming shower I'm attending- is it weird to have a baby shower (I guess this could apply to wedding showers as well) at which you invite only female guests but both the pregnant lady and her baby daddy (don't want to make any assumptions about marital status or whatever, but typically it's a pregnant wife and her husband lol) are present? Personally I don't care at all, especially if it's female guests from both their sides so the guy definitely is going to know people and have friends/family there, but I just wondered if this is an etiquette blunder?

Re: NWR- Baby Shower Question

  • huskypuppy14huskypuppy14 Boston Suburbs member
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    No, I think it's completely fine. I've been to wedding and baby showers where the man is there too. It's their wedding and their baby.


  • It's not an etiquette blunder, but it is a personal preference.   I've always attended all-female baby and bridal showers and I know most of the men in my family had no interest in attending.   Some guys are just really excited and really hands on during the pregnancy (and wedding process).  I don't think it's bad considering the gifts are also going to benefit him (as well as the mom or bride-to-be).
  • littlepeplittlepep South Carolina member
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    Not against etiquette at all. Most of the time it's either mixed company or all females though. My FI hates showers because he hates being the center of attention. He would never come if he didn't have to and I wouldn't make him come to the all female one. I think it's just preference.
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  • Most of the Baby and wedding showers I've been to have been female only, but the partner will show up during the shower at some point. I don't think it's a matter of etiquette, rather preference. I had a co-ed baby shower and FI couldn't come because he had to work.
  • I think it is actually rather common. My husband came to my baby shower. It's his baby, too afterall! LOL
  • I think it's fine to have both parents as guests of honor if they both wish to attend. I am guessing @MagicInk will be at any shower for her and her wife's baby and I would expect a male gay couple's shower would involve both parents as well. Not all parents-to-be are hetero. Though if I were throwing a shower I would probably invite all SOs just to be considerate. Most might not attend (though I would not want to attribute this to having a Y chromosome), but at least they know they're welcome.
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    The only time the groom/father has not been at the showers I've attended is if it was one thrown by coworkers during work time - and most showers I've attended the guest list was women only.  And actually, in about 50% of those work showers (usually the baby, not the wedding ones) the other partner takes a couple of hours off work to join us and attend (and in one case, it was the mother-to-be joining us as the father-to-be was our co-worker). 
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