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Nails done in suite?

As part of my "bachelorette day" my sister-in-law suggested inviting all the girls to her suite in Cosmopolitan for cocktails and manicures. Does anyone know someone who would come to our suite and do nails? Not sure if it's something any of the MUAs would do. There'll be around 12 of us but maybe only 6 or 8 that would get them done. Thanks!

Re: Nails done in suite?

  • That's a great idea but I haven't heard of it being done before so maybe it's more difficult than one would think.  Certainly worth asking your MUA about; maybe they have someone that can do it.

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  • If the Cosmopolitan has a spa or a nail salon, would the SIL be OK with having a manicure party there? I know some of the other hotels I looked at will do that kind of thing. They may be able to send someone up to your room, too.
  • Just keep in mind manis on the strip are VERY expensive. Maybe you could get a limo to go off strip and likely still save money.
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  • Thanks everyone for the replies! I was worried the reason I hadn't seen it done before was because it's too tricky to organise. There's no way I'm paying Cosmo prices for nails so that's why I was looking into the in-suite idea. Maybe we'll just have to do cocktails and games in-suite instead :)
  • I've been looking at this too for my actual wedding nails and cannot find anyone - it mustn't be a thing? I am going to double check with my MUA to see if they can recommend anyone - I will let you know what they say! :)
  • How about all clubbing together and buying a set of gel nail varnish and a UV light and doing each other's? I have friends who do their own and say it's really easy. Obviously more tricky if you want nail art or French manicure unless you have someone artistic!!
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