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Tropical Honeymoon Location Ideas? HELP!!

Hello!  My fiance and I are getting married early November in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  We need ideas, advice, suggestions on where to Honeymoon!  

We want to go somewhere, private, tropical and hopefully out of the country. Just like most people, we're on a budget.  So we would love some advice from other people who have been to cool places and can recommend and provide information. 

Our Dream Honeymoon: Bora Bora (and the most expensive). If anyone has been here- please advise on average cost and if there are any good package deals out there.

We've also looked into Belize. Has anyone been here? It seems nice, but it looks like the water is green and full of rocks?  Are there any nice beaches? 

Last on our list would be Hawaii. We've never been... but it's still considered US, and I'm sure we could go any time in the future. Kinda wanted to do something different for our Honeymoon. But open to going here if we could find a private, romantic, non-touristy island.

Again, any other ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!!

Re: Tropical Honeymoon Location Ideas? HELP!!

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    I've been to French Polynesia six times (and Bora Bora three times within those six). It's one of my favorite places in the world. I, too, live in AZ and thankfully, it's just a short hop to LAX to connect to Air Tahiti Nui to head to Tahiti. So, domestic air doesn't add on too much to the trip in terms of cost or time. That being said, a week in the islands, at the very least, will run you $7k-$9k. Think toward the higher end of that when heading to Bora Bora. What will help you is going in November as November is the start of their low season. If you want to still consider Tahiti but want to keep costs a little lower, consider Moorea, Rangiroa, Tikehau, or Huahine. I definitely recommend talking to a Tahiti specialist to see if it will even work for your budget. Moorea is probably your best bet, though, to get the best bang for the buck.

    I'd also consider the Cook Islands. There is only one direct flight per week from LA, but the Cooks are gorgeous and less touristy than even Tahiti. I just loved Aitutaki and thought the lagoons were amazing. There is not much beyond the resorts, though. If you mixed Aitutaki with Rarotonga, there would be more to see/do, but then you'd be having to do a 12 night stay. That might push the budget. The flight offerings really limit things.

    As for Hawaii, I have spent time in Lanai and thought it was a very special place. The resorts there are high end (Four Seasons) so it's pricey, but it's quiet and definitely not over developed. It's not green and lush like Kauai, so I'd maybe recommend trying to split between Kauai and Lanai.

    I have also spent time in Belize on Ambergris and was unimpressed by the beach. However, check out Placenia. That might be a better fit.

    Flights to the Caribbean from PHX suck and it's almost impossible to do. So, I hope you can figure something out!!


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    We honeymooned in November and have been to all 3 places you mentioned.  

    We spent almost 2 weeks in Bora Bora and Moorea.   We paid about 13k for all the air and hotels.  We booked through a local travel agent, but the price was almost the same as Costco Travel.   Our package included breakfast everyday and dinner in Bora Bora, so that helped. 

    We vacationed in Ambergris Caye and, like Jells, didn't care for the beach.  There was lots of sea grass in the water and on the beach.  So much so that I never went in the water once.  Yuck!  Excursions to the mainland are also very long.  

    We did Hawaii last November, primarily Maui with a couple days in Oahu to see Pearl Harbor.  We really enjoyed Maui (Oahu, not so much).  Recommend you read up on the various islands as they each have something different to offer.  We plan on going to the Big Island next.  We booked this trip through Costco Travel.

    I guess the most important question is....what is your budget?

  • Thank you both for the advice and ideas!!  This will help a lot.  We were planning a budget somewhere between $7-9k... However, we're also paying for the wedding ourselves. So come July we plan to book the honeymoon- as we should be done with most of the wedding planning/paying vendors...and will have a better idea on budget. 

    Thank you again!  I will do some more research on the islands you both suggested :)
  • We went to Costa Rica for our HM in November timeframe. We spent about $5K total. We had private transportation pick us up from airport and take us to Arenal. We stayed at Tabacon Hot Springs resort. We did a couple of day tours - one a combo (but without springs) thru anywhere Costa Rica (call to get just part of the combo tour) to the waterfalls, hanging bridges and Arenal national park, the other was rafting on the Rio Tore thru desafrio. Anywhere CR also did our private transportation and our shared transportation. From Arenal we did the shared transportation to Montezuma (small hippie town right on the beach).We stayed at Ylang Ylang beach resort. We wanted to stay right on the beach and selected one of their cabanas. A lot of people on TK stay at Manuel Antonio but there are not hotels one the beach there (well maybe one). We like more privacy so this fit us better. Ylang Ylang rooms come with bfast and dinner. We also had a private dinner on the beach complete with bonfire and tiki torches. Not expensive when you see what other places charge for this in other countries. To savce on money we had the initial driver take us to a grocery on our way to Arenal to get snack, booze, etc. There are dicsounts on tours at Pura Vida Eh! website.
  • Thank you Hutchsl! I will look into Costa Rica.. What a great idea! So would you say the water at the beach is nice to swim in and relax by?
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    May be a little rough to swim in in spots. St Teresa around the point from Montezuma is great for surfing. Montezuma has some boulders. A liitle ways down the beach they offer windsurfing lessons and I think the water is a little calmer there and no rocks. Definitely relaxing. Ylang Ylang has some hammocks hung in the palm trees on the beach. We did a horse ride down the beach to a water fall that drops into the ocean. You can also walk there but it is quite a hike and there is no development the whole way!
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    Montezuma beachimage

    Dinner on the beachimage

    Waterfall - El Choroimage

  • Great pictures! Thank you for giving me some good ideas!
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