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So we've been able to narrow it down to 2 possible venues: The Surf Club and VIP Country Club (both in New Rochelle, NY and are neighbors). But we are having so much trouble picking between so I was hoping you guys could help. The Surf Club is a bit over the top but overall it's my favorite. The actual site is beautiful, ceremony on the water, marble floors, beautiful chandeliers... but we are guest list is small and we would be forced to do a Sunday evening wedding in mid July that would end at 11pm (not a holiday) and it's 4k more. I'm concerned about the Sunday being so late and paying so much for a Sunday. The VIP is very elegant, I didn't have that warm fuzzy feeling when I was there but the grounds are pretty, has excellent reviews, can do pictures near the water, and we could book a Saturday evening in early July. My budget and brain say VIP but my heart says Surf Club. Help!

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  • I haven't been to The Surf Club, but I have been to VIP (and also Beckwith Pointe)  I honestly didn't love VIP.  But the couple who got married there talked it up so so much that by the time the day came I was really unenthused.  In their minds it was going to be the wedding of the year and after 4 other weddings that summer, this one stuck out the least.  But if you are working with a tight budget, I totally understand sticking with it and going with the 2nd choice.  Have you done a tasting at either place yet?

  • I have been to VIP and we booked Beckwith Pointe. We also looked at Greentree.  Have you checked there? They had marble floors and that type of feeling you are going for with surf club (didn't visit). All 3 quoted us the same price for a 125 person wedding. I didn't like the coordinator at GT and VIP seemed a bit too gaudy for us.

    We went with Beckwith for the amazing views, great food, and awesome coordinator. She has been incredibly helpful and responsive since before and after we booked her, including responding to my emails late at night. If you haven't checked out either of these yet, definitely do so! They are all different on catering row and offer a different vibe - no matter what you will find something you like!!
  • Hi :) we looked at VIP, Surf Club & Greentree.

    We ended up booking at Greentree because we love the marble floors, the big dancing "area" and just the overall feel of it. The price and what they gave us was beyond what we wanted, we kept pushing for more and they were giving us more basically, which is a plus for us.

    Anyways, VIP we did not like. We weren't the biggest fan of it as far as the way the room looked, also, the prices they weren't really working with what we wanted and our budget, etc. we immediately decided no with that one.

    Surf Club we loved the outside, it is so beautiful with the fountains, etc but at the end of the day, we care more about the inside. The inside is nice, beautiful but the one thing pushing us back was the carpet. We did not want carpet, I know it's such a silly thing but its just a preference for us. Also, at the end when we compared what we were getting out of the three, Greentree just made more sense as far as presentation and price/budget, etc.

    Now as far as your decision, I'd say go with something that makes you feel warm and just "at home" in a way (if that makes sense) - a venue that when you walk/walked in , it made you picture yourself there. Hope I helped in a way. :) xoxo 
  • I visited all three when we were looking...I wasn't a fan of VIP either really I am not really sure why though?  Surf Club was my favorite but like you they wouldn't budge on the min on a Saturday.   We both really wanted a Saturday so we went elsewhere.  Surf Club  and its neighbor Glen Island were our top contenders but at the end of the day we went with the View on the Hudson for a Saturday night
  • I've had a party at the view on the hudson. Solid choice. Thanks for all your help everybody! After much soul searching we ended up going with a Friday at Surf Club. They would not budge on the budget or the guest minimums AT ALL (which was really annoying since everyone else on that row will work with you) but the heart wants what the heart wants. Le sigh haha
  • Congrats on picking a venue! :)  Sometime you have to follow your heart- and this is one of those times you will be happy you did.
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    congrats!! as long as you are happy - that's what matters most!!
  • congrats!!!!

  • Congrats!!! 
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