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Do we need a 2nd photographer?

Hi Everyone!

So I think we found a photographer! Which is super exciting but now we need to decide how many hours we will need him for and if we need a second photographer. I personally would want to have two photographers since we are getting ready at two different locations and I want to make sure that we can get pictures of everyone getting ready. I am getting ready at the hotel and he is getting ready at his house. We are about 30 minutes away from each other, down a super busy and heavily congested main road. Plus we are getting married in January, so there could be bad weather as well. Oh and we inviting around 350 people, so I think a 2nd photographer is a must. My fiance and the photographer that we are thinking of hiring think we should be ok with just the one photographer. 

Any suggestions? 

Re: Do we need a 2nd photographer?

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    My niece had a wedding with about 200 guests and she went with two photographer. It was a good choice. One person can not capture all the moments.
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    I wasn't willing to hire a photog that didn't offer a second shooter as part of the package. It was very important to me, not bc of greying ready shots - we barely did any of those. But for a second angle during the ceremony.
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    vmj23vmj23 member
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    I'd def go for a second shooter.   As photokitty said...for shots at the ceremony.  Then you can capture both of your faces.  
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    You might want to look into doing what I did. I hired one photographer,
    and then I had a photography student who was working or her portfolio
    come and take pictures. The girl happened to be the daughter of a friend
    we know, but you can find them on Craigslist and such offering to take
    pictures for free.She didn't do any of the posed stuff, that was for the paid photographer (and you don't really need two for that), but she went around getting the candid shots and she got some amazing ones! In fact if you click on my avatar to the left there that's one of the ones she took.
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    We got the second photographer. It was great for the getting ready shots, which also included some shots of the individual families, before we saw each other for a first look. It also allowed us to get a few angles for the ceremony, which was great. And also, for some of the posed shots, we got some great pics from the second photographer who captured lots of candids. 

    WELL worth the money to me. And we didn't even have the photographer to stay and take many reception pictures...with 300 guests I'd assume you'd definitely want two photographers if you're trying to get some reception pictures!
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    I haven't thought about getting two photographers but now that you mention it, I don't think it's a bad idea at all. It will be so convenient. I just have to make sure it's within my budget; hiring a student photographer does not sound like a bad idea. We are trying to save up as much as we can for the honeymoon.
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    Yes! Two photographers is a must, especially for that many guests. (well not a must, but I think it's recommended) I have been to many weddings where they only have one photographer and while the photographer is changing lenses or whatever they do with their camera something amazing happens, like the bride gets picked up in the air by the groom. Which is something you would definitely want a shot of. Two photographers means they can be at two different locations, not for just getting ready, but for the venue as well. You will want to capture as many moments as you can, and two photographers is the best way to do that. I agree with PP's, just get some college student or someone that's working on building their portfolio to be your second photographer. 
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    I think you will defiently benifit from having a second photographer based on how many guests you will have, and the distance between where you are getting ready.

    We asked our photographer if he would recommend one, and he said he would only recommend it if we have more than 150 guests, and were getting ready in separate locations that would take him a decent amount of time to travel between.  

    It has been my experience that most wedding photographer have go to people they will use for the second photographer, and will have different packages, one of which will include the second shooter. 
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    You are getting ready at two locations, and your have a huge number guests.  So,
    two photographers is definitely necessary!!

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    Since you want photos of both the girls and the guys getting ready & you are in locations not close to each other, I agree with others that say go with two photographers. Also depending on the size of your wedding party they can knock out photos faster. For example while you are doing any photos with the GM, the other photographer can be getting photos of Groom with BM.

    I opted not to have photos done while we were getting together because I personally didn't want photos of me at the salon and it was also a way to save money. Our photographer did a great job by herself. At the reception though we did kind of have two photographers. My SIL has her own photography studio & it was one of her employees that shot our wedding. My SIL brought her camera with her to the reception to take some shots of family. Then she gave the camera to her 13 year old son who surprisingly took great photos. After a little editing of the photos by his mom to center photos better, you can't tell on the reception photos which were done by the paid photographer, my SIL or my nephew. I should state that both of his parents are amazing photographers so he's grown up in the photography business. But that allowed me to get great photos for free

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    Jen4948Jen4948 member
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    I'd get a second photographer.  Aside from any separate shots where the families/groups are not together (which actually allows for some time efficiency if they're shot simultaneously), having two or photographers allows each to focus on separate things.  One may be better at dance photos, while another is better at capturing the cake.  Also, sometimes getting photos of the same thing taken from different angles, with different equipment, or different settings allows you to capture multiple insights for that thing.
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    I agree with PP that I refused to look at a photographer who didn't have an option for a second photographer - my sister had two photogs for her wedding and it was amazing to see the different shots/perspectives that happened at the same time. My photog comes with a second trained photog and an assistant. I, too, want pictures of my FI getting ready since I won't be able to see those moments, and vice versa. I would definitely go for the second photog if the funds permit!
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    Why is this even a question - YES. We had 45 guests and had a second shooter. Even our videographer came with a second shooter. You have so much going on in differetn places why wouldn't you want to capture it all. 
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    CharmedPamCharmedPam member
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    It was important to me to get 2 even though I'm having a small wedding (65).  Like everyone has mentioned before me, you'll get different talents/angles with 2 people. 

    Vivandiere8 Using a 2nd is a good idea, but if it's not with the company you hired, you may have to check your contract.  Ours will not allow a 2nd professional photographer to shoot and it may include photography students

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