Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Worried about withdrawl...

I'm not getting married for another 9 months, but I am already worried about post-wedding letdown. I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this time period and now that it is here, I am sad that it is going to be over!!! Any advice??

Re: Worried about withdrawl...

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    I definitely understand why so many people are on TK after their wedding.  I definitely look forward to coming on here more now than I did before, and I have way more time since the planning is over.  But yeah its definitely like a wedding withdrawal, but trust me, there is also massive relief that it is all over with. 
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    Do you have any projects that are on hold until after your wedding?  We have a lot of work we want to do on our home, but we waited to start until after our wedding.  

    Now that we've been married for a few months, we've painted the living and dining rooms, and we are now looking at remodeling our bathrooms.  Also, once the weather cools down, we're going to work on fixing up our porch area.

    Home improvement projects can be as much stress and work as wedding planning, but are so fulfilling when you get them done.
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    i agree with pp's find something to take up your time,we bought our house not long after we got back from our HM so we have fixing it up to keep us busy,and we just booked a cruise so thats something to look forward to & i want to start a family soon & that will def keep me busy .

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    I agree with pp's as well. It is so hard to think that all that time and effort and all the planning is gone in a blink of an eye, but that is just the way it is. I think every bride feels like the day flys by too fast. But fortunately, that is why you have pics to look back on and scrapbooks to make.

    We have been married 2 months and I still have yet to start our weddng scrapbook and HM album. I guess my new job has been keeping me quite occupied recently though as well.

    Enjoy married life - it so great! Bc when kids enter the picture people have told me things change dramatically.
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    There is definitley withdrawl, but it also feel so good not to have to WORRY about everything. Before the wedding, I was worried about the weather, people getting to drunk, etc...but it went perfectly and now I have the memories of a great day. Just realize that this is only one day of your life, and life does go on. Try to enjoy every minute and take a chance to breath!
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    don't worry, you will find plenty to keep you busy!  planning our wedding was great, but i agree, it was also stressful and something to worry about.  we also planned and then enjoyed an almost 2 week honeymoon.  by the end, we were excited to get home and start our lives together.  and now that we are home, it is nice to not have so much planning and stuff to do.  between starting back at work, trying to find a new place to live, and going through gifts, pictures, etc, there is so much to keep us busy and we want to make sure we still drop everything and enjoy time together.  try to keep in mind these things and enjoy not having SO much to do! 
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    I got married a month ago and there was definitely a letdown after we got back from the honeymoon and got back into a regular routine again.  I'm a teacher, so school just started and I'm occupied with that.  The biggest thing for me is having all of this stuff that will never be used again: garter, hairpiece, toasting glasses, etc.  I don't want to get rid of it, but have no use for it!  It's sad to look at it knowing I'll never need it again!   But we just got the wedding video and that has made things better!!

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