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Ok so it's all over, BUT there is still one thing that needs to be done...

I need to pick a cover page for my album. Should it be traditional and boring or something fun. I'm having trouble picking between a portrait of us facing the camera and smiling all pretty or one where we are kissing and my veil is blowing in the wind and it's not so staged. Now remember this is going to sit on my coffee table for a long time! I need to pick the right one!

Re: Ok so it's all over, BUT there is still one thing that needs to be done...

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    Pick the one that exhibits what YOU felt about the day. YOU are the one that has to look at it. If you had a great time, great party, big smile all day and thats what you want to remember, use a non-staged picture. If you want to remember the day as a formal, traditional, important day such, choose the picture that represents that.

    Pick the one that will be a conversation starter. 
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    The above post is a great one. But to add to that, pick the one that best represents you and your hubby. For example, my FI doesn't like posing for pictures but I do. So I would probably picj on where we are looking at each other smiling, without directly looking at the camera. Hope this makes sense!
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    I would agree-just pick what captured how you felt on your special day. I personally like the candid photos because it exhibits you and your husband's love for one another :)
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    I agree with the candid. The cover for my page is very non-traditional. It's a profile shot of my husband and I looking at each other. But...our bodies are not centered in the photo. It's as if we are leaning back into the middle of the page.
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