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How To Creat Fancy Wedding Envelopes

I want to make own wedding invitations but i have no idea how to make them. If you have any tips, ideas, and Tutorials to create fancy wedding envelopes then suggest me.

Thank You!!

Re: How To Creat Fancy Wedding Envelopes

  • Envelopes end up getting torn in half and throw away.  Why do you feel that you need to make them fancy?  Just get nice quality envelopes (meaning better quality then your typical business envelope) and move on to more important things to spend you money and time on.

    And you do know you posted this on the hair and beauty board right?  This may be better suited on the DIY board.

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    100% of the invitations, except for maybe 5-10 will get tossed in the trash can - If you want your envelopes to look nice/professional, purchase a program like Print Shop or just use the envelope template for Word and print them out on a laser printer.  Purchasing a low end laser printer is money better spent than putting money into creating fancy invitations/envelopes that are just going to be tossed in the trash. 

    IMO, they have some kick butt fantastic professional looking DIY invitation kits at Michael's and Office supply stores (Depot, Max, Staples, etc.)...  I'd go that route because at the end of the day, you can set the tone without overspending on DIY invites that you could have just ordered a nice professional one already made for you that you only need to stuff the envelopes for, for half the price and none of the headache!  The other advantage is that the companies provide a template for you without the headache of doing that portion yourself. 

    Also, regardless of which you choose - remember - postage adds up!!!  The heavier the invite the more postage is going to run and this adds up SUPER quick!!!!

  • I don't know if this is what you were looking for but I had these links pinned on pinterest.  Seems like a lot of work (and patience) to do this!

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  • It’s really very informative that i wanted ever. I hope it will help me. Thank you so much.
  • I bought brown "wrapping paper" from the Dollar Tree. I took an envelope I had, took it apart, and made a template for the envelope. I used a glue stick to glue each one together. I took white paint and hand painted all the addresses. It took a few hours to make all 15 of them, but it was worth it because I didn't want to spend the money to buy a box of proper size envelopes. For the invitations, I designed them in Word and printed them at home on cardstock, which I bought at Michael's for $2 (had a coupon). Here's a pic of the invitations
  • Ok here's the pics since they didn't load the first time!
    Invitations before I cut them. Envelopes as they were drying from being glued together. Part of addressed envelope.
  • Another vote for don't waste your time & money on making fancy envelopes. Most people won't even notice & they will all end up in the trash. All it will do is take you more time to make them, more money on supplies & then also possible more to ship because it could had more weight to your invitation.

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