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Hello everyone~ 

My FI and I would like to drop everyone's welcome bag off at their respective hotels a day or two prior to their arrival so that they will receive them immediately after checking in to their hotels. Have any of you successfully pulled this off? Will hotel staff be willing to accommodate this kind of request? 

Thanks for your help!

Re: Welcome Bag Dropoff

  • I have heard it depends on the hotel. For the hotel to deliver the bags to their rooms, most hotels have a $3-$5 fee per room. I am not sure how smoothly the process would go or if it's possible if as they are checking in at the desk, for guests to be given their bag.
  • We had 2 experiences with this. At the Platinum I was able to drop them off but had to text everyone to tell them to pick them up when they checked-in. The only issue we had was when multiple people were sharing a room. For example, the aunts and grandma all shared a room. Each one should have gotten a bag but they said 1 per room. I just gave them their own.

    At Flamingo at check-in I was told to bring them all down and they would put a note in the system under the room block. I brought them down and then was told I needed to complete individual forms and they would only hold them for 24 hours. Again I had to text people as they arrived to pick them up and then everyday I had to bring down the ones for that day.

    It was a pain at times but our guests LOVED them. Everytime I would see someone the would share something they used or were glad to have.

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    I inquired with some properties for our wedding guests who picked a different hotel than we had rooms blocked. They would've charged us to deliver TWO bags, so I just gave those guests their bags when I saw them.

    We had rooms blocked at Silverton and they took our bags on the day the first guest checked in (five days before wedding) and kept distributing them until the last guest checked in on the day of the wedding, anyone who had a room booked under our block. No charge. 

    Really just depends on the property. 

    ETA: Some of the on-strip properties are just so big it isn't feasible for them to hand out bags at check in. It really will depend on how much of a pain it is and how badly you want guests to have them. It's a nice touch but certainly not a wedding ruiner if you skip them.
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  • I dropped mine off at 5 different locations and didn't have any problems with any. Yes, I was charged like 2 bucks at some hotels but, other then that no problems.  Oh! I did have my own car to run around every where too :-)
  • Thanks so much for the info, everyone! Has anyone had any experience with this process at either Elara or Paris? That's where most of our guests will be staying, so we would be distributing most of the bags at those properties. 
  • Thanks so much for the info, everyone! Has anyone had any experience with this process at either Elara or Paris? That's where most of our guests will be staying, so we would be distributing most of the bags at those properties. 

    I would just call their concierge or bell desk and ask what their policy is.

    Personally, I would not have paid to have our bags delivered. We only had 30 bags but if we were charged $2-5 per bag??? That's a waste IMO.
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  • I wouldn't have paid to have them delivered either. I would have just handed them out as I saw people.
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  • Thanks, everyone! As I live in Korea, it's pretty difficult for me to call vendors, but I will send a few emails and see what I get back. We aren't willing to pay for delivery either, but it would be nice if guests could receive their bags on arrival. It feels more special that way, in my opinion. But, we aren't against passing them out at the Meet & Greet if need be. :)
  • We are giving ours at our welcome party just so everything is easier and free!
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  • I paid at the Flamingo Only (1 bag) - Which I thought was funny considering it's a older hotel. All the other's where free but, I did tip the manager that helped me at Mandalay Bay cause, he gave me his personal contact info,  gave me some freebies, his personal assistance and customer service skills were awesome, I appreciated it and felt he deserved it! 
  • I had a couple experiences.  

    At Aria, where we were married, we had to pay ($3 for the first bag, then $5 for a second item, I think).  These were delivered to the guests rooms.

    At Monte Carlo where we also had a block, we didn't pay anything, but had to let our guests know to pick them up at check in at the concierge desk.

    At Cosmopolitan, we didn't pay anything either.  They let the guests know to pick them up when they arrived.

    All in all, even with paying, i think it was worth it.  We got a lot of compliments on the bags!
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