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Help Me Make A Fitness Plan!

So here's the story. 

I have also been a rather thin but woefully out of shape/weak person.  Recent rapid weight gain due to medication has made me more aware of how out of shape I am, and I'm finally getting to a point where I feel ready to do something about it.  

The problem is, I have no idea how to set realistic goals for myself, fitness-wise, because I've never been in good shape so I don't know what's realistic.  I know of lots of websites and apps that help you track weight loss, which of course is part of my goal, but what's more important and more motivating to me is tracking improvements in my actually physical fitness level, especially with regards to gaining strength.  I'm looking for some sort of website that can help me set short AND long term goals in objective numbers (for example, in a month you should be able to do X amount of reps with a weight of X size, in a year you should be up to X etc).    

Do any of y'all know of the type of service I'm looking for, or just a really good fitness tracking service in general??  I really want to make sure I start out this journey with the best possible tools to help me be motivated and stay on track!

Re: Help Me Make A Fitness Plan!

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    I think your best bet would be to do a fit test of your current strength. You probably could do a quick google search to come up with some basics, but I think when I did mine with my trainer we tested weight and reps on leg press, chest press, overhead press and I believe shoulder press (we picked a challenging, but not impossible, weight and went to failure)

    I wouldn't worry too much on setting a certain weight in a year to be able to lift (just seems hard to predict since it is so personal and will vary on your training progress). Do the fit test again in 2 weeks, at 30 days, 60 days, etc and track your progress.

    This is the way the trainer at my work gym tracked our progress, and it was cool to see the improvement, and that I was lifting weights heavier than I thought I could. Then my next workout I would challenge myself to go a bit heavier.

    Probably once you get stronger you will have a better idea of what weights would make for good short/long term goals!

    You could also set other goals though like trying yoga or cross fit or whatever interests you.

    ETA: Not sure on good fitness trackers, but I know you can track in my fitness pal)
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    I have been doing kind of my own version of it but Kayla Itsines has a good plan that comes recommended by friends. It's several HIIT workouts and several low intensity workouts a week. I think it's pretty basic and easy to follow. She has a couple of free routines you can download, which is what I've done of now. If I like it I may buy some of the others. They aren't super expensive. 
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