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center piece opinions

hello all ....

we are thinking of Diy'ing our centerpieces and this is what we have decided on... thoughts? we were thinking about adding flower pedals around as well

thanks for you input


Re: center piece opinions

  • I actually have never seen something like this, it looks gorgeous! I agree about adding petals or some type of flowers around the base to make it seem fuller, because right now it looks skinny. 
  • I agree with @ohannabelle completely. I see what you're trying to achieve but it isn't quite working.

    In addition to what she mentioned, I would also consider either skipping the mirror altogether or get a much bigger one that fits better. The small mirror makes the entire look seem much smaller. I've seen bigger mirrors for cheap in multiple places so they shouldn't be a big expense. Check places like Ikea and your local Craig's List for deals.
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  • I personally really like the blue beads.  The ones with clear beads are kind of boring and not really that visually interesting.  The blue (or whatever color you'd want really) definitely adds something.  I'm very into symmetry as well so having a candle at each corner makes perfect sense to me!
  • I'm not a fan of the blue beads either but I think they're just too bright. If you don't want to go in the opposite direction with clear I think a paler blue would still look nice. 
  • Also not a fan of the blue beads. Before I expanded your pics, the blue beads were all I really saw. 

    @ohannabelle's suggestions are great alternatives for the same look, except better. If you want to incorporate blue, do it with a blue overlay or blue napkins or blue chargers...

  • ohannabelle has a lot of great suggestions, although I'd say it's okay to keep it super symmetrical with the four votives only because the whole thing has such a clean/modern vibe. The only other thing I'd mention is that your votive holders do not go with the overall look; they're like a classic hurricane lantern shape, and are at odds with the simpler, more modern curve of the large vase. I'd go for a straight sided votive holder instead.
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  • I used blue water beads in my centerpieces, so in general I am a fan. However, I agree with PP that they look out of place in yours. That may be fixed by not filling the vase up quite so much with them. Maybe just fill the wide part of the vase at the bottom with the blue if you want the pop of color. Even if you switch to clear water beads, I still wouldn't fill the vase up quite as much with them.

    I agree a larger mirror tile would be better if you want the 4 votives. Otherwise I would ditch the votives all together and just scatter your petals. The tile looks too cluttered to me. If you want a glow for the centerpiece, look into LED lights that you can put in the water beads.
  • Agree 1000% with everything Annabelle said. Ditch the symmetry and the blue. Larger round mirror or none. 

  • Love the centerpieces! They're beautiful :)
  • I like them. They are compact so they won't take up too much of the table and they aren't extraordinarily tall so they block views.
  • Love them, and love the blue.  I'm sure they will look lovely!
  • thank you all for the great suggestions. I think we are going to tweak it a little. we still have time since we aren't getting married till Sept  :) so back to the drawing board lol
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