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Spinoff: Dress code violations


Re: Spinoff: Dress code violations

  • plainjane0415plainjane0415 The hills of Tennessee member
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    I've talked about my super strict frumpy old lady suit dress code, and I hate it.  I feel like I would look so much more put together in dark jeans, and a nice top than a frumpy old suit.  But I don't make the rules, and I see why the company does it, to reduce the fine lines of what's acceptable work wear and what's not, but man I hate it.  Like everyday I grumble about putting this stupid stuff on. 
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    We technically have a no jeans except Friday policy, but it doesn't always happen.  But when you teach div 1 and you're crawling around on the floor half of the day, you need something that can get dirty.  

    I've said before, but teaching PE, I wear leggings as pants on the daily.  Yoga pants, thick leggings, it's usually Lulu, Nike, Under Armour, etc.  I also try to follow the school dress code - no skinny tank tops (unless I have something over it), no short shorts, no boobs hanging out.  I also avoid sweats, old shirts, baggy shapeless stuff.  I do look professional for a PE teacher.  Not so much for a corporate environment
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  • I have a pair of leggings that are of a thicker material (link) that I've worn to work on several occasions with a long tunic-style button down shirt and a blazer.  

    I live in the City of Leggings as Pants. I wear leggings, as a layer in -35 degree C weather under my pants. The only dress code violation that I have had to be careful with is cleavage. I usually work in offices with all men and I wear either tanks or camisoles under all my tops.
  • lightningsnowlightningsnow New Hampshire member
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    I work in retail at a local Goodwill. Our dress code is pretty lenient. I wear jeans every day and sneakers. I also wear a hoodie every day as well. The only thing that changes is my shirt and that depends on both the weather and where I'm working that day.

    We have been told that for summer we can't wear sleeveless tops, shorts that are shorter than 2 inches above the knee and open toed shoes. But I have worked in retail in the past and that is usually how it goes during the summer time.
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  • I work in IT in a casual dress office (jeans and blouse/sweater are my go to). I've worn a sweatshirt on a few occasions, which is definitely pushing the acceptable lines, but winter is freaking cold. 

    There are a few women who dress to the nines - stilettos, tight pencil skirts, low-cut tops. It's acceptable, but it really stands out in our office culture. 

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