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DIY Flowers and a Room Flip

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We are getting married in a hotel ballroom, but only half of the room will be set up, due to the other half being used for the ceremony space. We have been toying with doing our own wedding flowers, with the help of my sister because she is so awesome and creative. On our wedding day, we will have the hotel DOC available to assist with what we need, but I don't know if she will be in charge of setting up the rest of the room after the ceremony or not? If this situation sounds similar to you what did/are you doing to ensure the room flip goes smoothly and everything gets set up, since there won't be a florist there to set everything on the tables up? Thanks!

Re: DIY Flowers and a Room Flip

  • Well I think first you should make sure that the hotel DOC will help with the flip. I am planning on DIYing my centerpieces and so I asked my venue what they set up and what I'd need to. They told me they'll do everything but chair sashes so I'm just skipping those. But your venue should be able to tell you what they will do and what they wont which will help you plan better. 

    If they won't help with the flip (though I'm guessing they will since that is kind of the job of the DOC) you'll want to make sure you have someone who is in charge to do that. Be careful if you enlist the help of friends or family because I was at a wedding where family and wedding party had to help set up and tear down and honestly that is what we all remember the most from the wedding.
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