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How much should I be paying for a day of wedding planner?

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I have received one quote so far for $1500. It seems high to me. I was thinking $500-$600. Is that realistic?

Re: How much should I be paying for a day of wedding planner?

  • While I have 0 experience with this, $1500 actually does sound reasonable. But I think it depends on what you're expecting from your DOC.

  • I've received quotes from $800-2000.  The ones in the higher price range offer "month of" coordination and a higher level of communication than those at the lower end. 
  • That quote seems reasonable to me. Usually they do more than just "day of"...calling vendors a week ahead of time, making a timeline, working days leading up to wedding.

  • I've been seeing an average of $900+. Packages vary, but I finally hired one for $600, because she has limited experience so far and works independently. I can pass on her info if you are interested.
  • Hi, I would be interested in getting her info if possible. I am hoping for someone just for the day of to just be a point person and make sure everything goes smoothly - My fiancé and I have already hired all vendors. Thanks!
  • I think this is reasonable.
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