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Cake excitement

We just designed our cake today and it got me so excited. I was originally didn't really care that much about the cake, but now seeing how personalized and unique to us it's going to me got me excited for everything slowly coming together. RSVP's are slowly coming in too, however not quickly enough and that's making me nervous. How's everyone else doing? What's making you nervous? What's getting you excited?

Re: Cake excitement

  • We did our cake stuff on Saturday, and I'm so happy with it! It's not what I originally imagined, but I really what we decided. 

    I've got a couple crafty type things to do, and I need to wash my vases I got for centerpieces. They're from Goodwill and have labels on them, and are just dirty. That will be a chore. 

    I'm mostly nervous to spend the week with our families, lol. We live in another state from them, so to have them both here, and juggling everyone will be interesting. 
  • That's what happened with my cake too, It's completely different from what I thought but totally perfect for us (which is weird....because it's a cake). I'm nervous about families too and they all live near by! Good luck!

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