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mother-in-law problems

My wedding color is yellow, so I told my bridesmaids that they can wear whatever yellow dresses they like. As for my mother and mother-in-law, I said they can wear whatever they like as long as it's not black. It's a day wedding at the end of June. Last night my mother in law calls me and explains that she has spent months searching far and wide and that she cannot find and outfit that is "her style" and also flattering that isn't black. I said that's fine because I didn't want to upset her and I want us to get off to a good start, but I'm really upset by this. I only had ONE requirement for her outfit! I wear clothing that isn't my "style" whenever I go and visit her because she lives in a very religious community and it would be disrespectful to wear something immodest Like pants or short sleeves. But she won't wear something that doesn't match her funky fashion sense? ??

Am I being unreasonable for getting worked up over this?

Re: mother-in-law problems

  • Yes. A black dress is fine. 

    You don't get to dictate clothing choices for them. 
  • I would let it go, there are other things to worry about. If she REALLY wants to wear a black dress, let her. She has to see herself in these pictures forever as well and she may as well be happy in what she's wearing. It may not be what you want or be fair but let's look at the bigger picture, is it worth fighting over and possibly causing troubles between the two of you? Probably not. 
    BTW my MIL said she wants to put purple streaks in her hair... in no way would I ever want her to do this, but if that's how she wants to look in pictures she can do whatever she wants. In 30 years when she's looking at these pictures she'll regret how ridiculous she looked.

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