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Married! Vista Suite, Masterpiece part 1

I've been so excited to write these reviews!! I hope they are helpful

We were in Vegas 5 nights total. I had the vista suite booked Mon-Wed, wedding was Wed and then moving to a regular room on our last night.
Mandalay Bay was amazing and they treated us so well, I felt so rich :). Vista Suite was $500 a night, regular room was $80.00. Management let us stay in the Vista suite the last night at no extra charge! It was so nice. The room is amazing.
We wanted to do something fun so we rented a beachside bungalow on the day before the wedding for $450.00. It was off season so I hear we got it cheap. It was no problem getting 15 guests to it even though they weren't staying there. Just kept going to the frot with our room key. As the day progressed our service got worse. It wasn't busy at all. Our server just disappeared. We racked up quite a tab and had to go find someone to help. I'm in the service industry so I'm pretty patient when it comes to this stuff but after allllll the money we were spending and it wasn't busy I had to talk to management. They were so understanding that at the time he took off about $150 of the bill. But the most impressive part was the next morning we got a letter from hotel management asking us to call them. They took another $200 off the cabana for us. They went above and beyond. Housekeeping was so nice, I tipped the ladies at least 20 a day, the day after the wedding of course it was a mess but I gave them $50.00. They were so great and we had bagged all the garbage for them just called up a cart and they took it away. I want to stay at MB every time I come to Vegas.

Masterpiece was awesome. I did a scouting trip in Jan and did a tasting with Chris Lee free of charge. I've heard they charge $150 for a tasting but somehow we didnt get charged. Chris was an awesome contact, he responded to every email within minutes. They set up in the suite with ZERO issues. It was so easy to have a party there. We had prosciutto wrapped asparagus, stuffed mushrooms, caprese sirloin, and crab cakes for appetizers. Then we had 2 chef stations, the slider station amd the grilled cheese station. Everything was beyond amazing. I've never had a grilled cheese with strawberries in it! So amazing. The staff was so nice and wanted to cater to us with any little thing we needed. We also got a bartender James who was awesome. We bought our own liquor. The suite has an awesome bar and tv behind the bar, amd being from San Antonio our guests had a blast watching the Spurs playoff game. Soooo much food left over, probably could have gone with food less for 30 ppl and still had enough but it ended up being around $2000 for catering.

Re: Married! Vista Suite, Masterpiece part 1

  • You look stunning!
  • You look so gorgeous!! 
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  • Awesome! Congrats!!! Everything looked beautiful!
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    Congratulations!!!!! We are just booking today for the Valley of the Falls and Vista Suite reception with Masterpiece!!! Any tips? Any issues? I'm so happy to hear masterpiece worked out well! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Your pics are beautiful--congratulations!!!

    We are also having a Vista Suite reception with Masterpiece catering next month and are trying to figure out the room layout, etc. so we know what furniture to rent and how to set things up.

    Could I ask where Masterpiece set up the food and if they used their own tables? How did you end up arranging the furniture in the suite?

    Any information would be SO SO helpful! Thank you!!!


  • Yay girl congrats!!!! Hope mine goes as smoothly as yours!! <3
  • Congrats again, your pics are amazing! That was nice of the Mandalay Bay for the room and money off cabana!
  • Hi! I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. How were you able to get the suite catered? Did you tell the hotel you were having a wedding or did you just rent the suite and go with an outside vendor? 
  • @Knottie1424657378 oh hell no we didn't tell the hotel we were having a party in their suite ! Haha we just said we were getting married. I did hire a day of coordinator Emily Reno to handle all the details. Basically I contacted all the vendors, told them day and time, and she was there to let them in and everything. I'm telling you there were HUGE carts of furniture, di equipment, catering equipment, etc being brought in and it was ZERO problem. The paramedics actually had to take my drunk brother in law to the hospital from our suite and that freaked me out but MB just called the next day to our room to make sure our guests were ok. Never a mention of a party. It was awesome and such a relief.
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