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rehearsal dinner flopped, now what???

Hi Ladies,

We are having a very untraditional 'rehearsal dinner/grooms dinner'.  My fiancé's family has said they are not able to pay for the rehearsal dinner; they agreed to willingly and then decided it was too stressful for them.  My fiancé is paying for the expenses after all for a late lunch at Stone Brewery that cannot be over 15 people & now I do not have anything planned for my bridesmaids and their dates the night be fore our wedding.  I was thinking of having bridesmaids and college friends + their date at a presidential suite I booked for two nights.  What are traditional things usually accomplished the night before the wedding.  I have gifts for each bridesmaid to receive & maybe a small speech and thank you to them.  Does anyone have suggestions??  Anything would be a huge help
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