Photographers in NEPA/Binghamton, NY

Anyone have any recommendations for photographers that can travel to Susquehanna County???

Re: Photographers in NEPA/Binghamton, NY

  • Actually, yes I do!  My friend is shooting our wedding in Wyoming County on Halloween.  She's amazing and so fun.  If you get me your wedding date and an e-mail address I can pass the information on to her and have her contact you if she's not already booked.  She's recommendation only so I'm sorry there's no facebook page or website for me to direct you too.  But, she's done many weddings in the area and already did amazing engagement photos for us.
  • Do you know her prices?
    She doesn't have a website or anything that I can actually see the work she's done??
  • Her price is generally $800 to $1,000 from what I understand.  She's giving us a major discount since we've known her forever.  She does not currently have a website because like I said, she's trying to keep her business small and recommendation only for the time being.  We got our engagement photos back from her a couple days ago so here are a couple so you can see her work.  Our wedding is on Halloween (just so you understand why the hell we're dressed as zombies!)

  • Brinky,
        Did you find a photographer?  If not, I can give you my recommendation
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