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Our colors are changing on me ...

Hi, ladies! First time posting on the DIY board, and hoping to find some help.

I'm having a January wedding, and our colors are charcoal grey, light ice blue, and white, with accents of lavender and blush.

I thought.

A lot of the items I'm finding in these colors (blue/purple/pink) have gold in them, which I liked originally, but now when I step back and look at things, the charcoal is almost nonexistent and it looks a little bit like one of those fancy, Pinteresty babyshowers; do you know what I mean, the blue and pink with tons of gold?

I still really love the original vision of grey and light blue, with pops of those other colors, and I want to figure out a way back to that.

As you guys went about your planning and DIYing, did you vision shift at all? Was it easier to go with what had evolved, or was it worth it to you to get yourself back on track?

Thanks, as always!

Re: Our colors are changing on me ...

  • Our colors were navy, ivory and a spring green. We picked those colors because they're classic and easy to find.

    So we didn't really shift, thankfully. But we added a bunch of color via our flowers (wildflowers) and our cocktail centerpieces (colorful rocks we sprayed with acrylic to anchor candles). So our colors really only came into play with our linens, attire, and stationary. Other than that, we weren't very picky about it. Our main focus was food and music because that's what people REALLY care about.

  • Our colors were originally eggplant and champagne but finding the right shade of purple has been hard. It seems like everything is either a bright royal purple or lavender. We're using what we can find in a darker eggplant purple and also using lavender. It's close enough to our original plan and still looks nice. 
  • Our colors haven't really shifted at all but to answer your question I've found it easier, less stressful, and better all around to just let things flow and evolve. 

    For example, our place cards went through several stages.  Our original vision was mini-skeletons (like super small) hanging from nooses on creepy trees holding signs bearing the names / tables.  Awesome, but totally impractical when it came down to it.  So, now it's evolved to mini tombstones laid out on an AstroTurf tablecloth which can be rolled away once all the cards are claimed so the table can be re-purposed.  Much simpler to make, still in keeping with the Halloween theme, and pretty cool looking if I do say so myself. 
  • This is the point in planning that I had to back away from Pinterest.  I think it's normal for your look to evolve over time, but at some point you have to just decide what you're doing and own it.  I could design 50 different weddings with all of the different colors and looks I found that I loved, but you only get one.  Find something you love (it sounds like you have already) and just go with it.

    My original vision was lavender and navy with lots of vintagey things (cool antiques, rustic decor,  very muted colors, etc).  As time went on, it just didn't feel like us at all, and slowly morphed into brighter purples/berry tones and a more fun/modern vibe.  I was super happy with it and felt comfortable with the shift in vision.  Lots of re-doing of Pinterest boards.  Then it came time to get bridesmaids dresses, and I had this brief period where I was going to throw out the entire color scheme and do a dark teal/peach/gold thing.  Then I stepped back and was like WHAT THE FUCK.  STOP.

    There's so much information and so many pretty photos and ideas and color schemes being thrown at you from every direction when you're planning, it's so easy to get overwhelmed and feel like OMG I ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO DO THIS AND IT HAS TO BE PERFECT.  Once I realized that there was no perfect color combination I needed to stumble upon and achieve in order for my wedding to live up to every expectation I've ever had, it was freeing.  You find something you love and you just go with it.  

    Long story short, to answer your question... go with the flow on the details, because that's what they are - details.  But try to recognize when you've completely gone off the reservation and need to get back on track so you don't make yourself insane.

  • @frenchiekin You get me. Let's be friends.
  • I switched like 90 million times. 

    That actually sounds really beautiful for a winter wedding! Try doing a blush or really dusty mauve instead of pink. Or a navy blue! Or both!

    This site was my BFF. 

    You can make an account and play with colors, and save and compare them. 
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