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Good morning everyone! How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty uneventful. BF had a fencing tournament all weekend so I didn't see much of him at all, and he wouldn't spend the night last night because he wanted to help his parents with the laundry... which is sweet and also annoying lol. I hope he's as dedicated to laundry when we move in together as he is now because I HATE it!!!

Today I wanted to go for a run before work tonight, but I HAVE to clean my house first. It is SO messy, I've seriously been neglectful. It never takes nearly as long as I think it will so hopefully I'm overestimating time and will actually have time to run and shower before I gotta leave this afternoon.

Weekend vent: Yesterday a customer of mine who works at six flags, who heard that BF ditched me to go a few weeks ago, gave me his email and told me to let him know when me and my friends want to go and he'll reserve us some flash passes, which is SO nice of him, and one of my coworkers overheard us talking and he was like "hey let me have that email." And I'm just like uhhhh no? This guy is the BIGGEST trouble maker and talks the most shit about me and my boss out of any of them, and given how much I am struggling with everyone right now, I couldn't BELIEVE he had the nerve. I obviously wont be mentioning it to anyone else, I never even meant for anyone to hear us talking about it. The entitlement is just UNREAL. (I should mention that we are NOT by any means allowed to ask for things
from customers so the fact that he offered to give me passes is allowed
and I am allowed to accept, but I can't just be like "hey you work at
this place can you hook me up?") Just because I am nice to customers, am well liked by them, and they offer to do me nice favors doesn't mean that I am gonna even take them up on those offers, much less share them with assholes!!!

phew, just had to get that out. Whats your weekend vent?

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    @untouchablets sorry that your co-worker won't leave you alone! Begone, annoying people.

    I'm finally back at work and definitely feeling like I have sooo much to do! There's only 35 school days left and it's going to be a mad rush to the finish line. 

    Over the weekend, I did some house work, grocery shopping and went to a friend's 30th birthday. I felt like crap yesterday though. I had the sniffles all day and a constant headache. Possibly another sinus infection. Ugh. I hope today goes by fast because I need to take a nap or go to bed earlier tonight. Big day tomorrow, field trip to the museum of science!
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    My weekend vent on Friday the outlet in my bathroom stopped working, I asked H to call a electrician to fix it.  Mr. DIY decides he is going to fix it himself, so he tried to yesterday and big surprise the problem is bigger than he expected.  He originally shut down the breaker to my bathroom to fix the problem(which also affects our master bathroom and bedroom) he doesn't feel comfortable turning them on and those rooms don't have any power.  So H is trying to get an electrician to come by today.  Le sigh, I'm hoping he gets someone today. 

    The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing.  We ran errands on Saturday and went out to dinner.  Friday we watched the Rangers win.  Sunday was a lazy day we bbq'd dinner watched GOT and played board games during the day.  I've got a busy week, with catching up with friends, board meeting and such.  I am hoping the weather finally gets warmer this week and stays warmer.  It's way too cold for this time of year. 


    ETA: words are hard on a monday morning...


  • @untouchablets - That is annoying about your coworker.  Go away, dude!

    My weekend was pretty good.  Friday we went to the Arts Festival and got some yummy food.  H and I split a chicken and waffle taco, and then I ate a little bit of some gyro.  We walked around for a while and then went grocery shopping.  My YL oils came in, and I loooooooove them.  We read about the oils and I made an epsom salt mix with lavendar, Stress Away, and Pan-Away.  We both took a bath and then I put some oils in the diffuser and everyone konked out...  me, H, Bella, Baxter, and Cricket!  I guess we were tired.

    Saturday morning we got up way too early.  The dogs were just ready to get up!  We went to PetSmart and got Cricket a few things, including a new collar (she was wearing one of Bella's old Christmas collars) and a name tag and a couple toys.  Besides that, we ran errands and went to H's little cousin's soccer game.  He scored a goal (it was so cute) and their team tied but went on to the finals anyway.

    Yesterday we had church, ate Mexican food with my mom at lunch, and I took a nap and made some homemade yeast rolls for this week.  I managed to work out every day this weekend, even though I almost took yesterday off.  Glad I didn't because it was a good work out!

    It's cold and rainy today.  I need to clean the house up.  I let it go this weekend, spent too much time playing and snuggling with the dogs.
  • @peaseblossom55 ...your bathroom outlet should be on a dedicated circuit. Eeeek! It bugs me that its shared with your master bath and bedroom. Hopefully the electrician can get it all sorted out properly!

    I had a crazy weekend, but work is nuts...I'll have to come back later to post about it.
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    DD - Nobody needs to see my shit twice. ;)

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  • This weekend was pretty nice. Friday DH had to work so I went and worked out and came home and relaxed with Maddux. 

    Saturday I met up with my mom to go to Baby's r Us to go and look at baby stuff. Since DH's mom offered to buy us a crib, I wanted to get an idea of what kind of furniture I wanted for the nursery and look at carseats and strollers. I think I narrowed it down to what I want. I had a top 3 list and I chose my #2 because my #1 didn't have a jogger stroller which is what I really wanted so #2 had everything I needed.

    Saturday night we went out to dinner at this yummy restaurant called The Chicken and The Egg and we order Poutine which is basically from Heaven. It was sooo good! Then we went and saw a musical called Damn Yankees and it was better than what I thought it was going to be.

    Sunday we laid around all day and did nothing. I did a little packing (not as much as I should have) and DH won his tennis match. @Labro came over last night and watched GOT with us and then we went to sleep.

    Not too much going on today. My boss is taking the day off so I don't have to deal with her thankfully but tomorrow is going to be super annoying since I have two meetings with her to go over some of my projects and I just hate talking to her so that won't be fun.
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    @Swazzle I love it!!! That's so sentimental!

    @KeptInStitches I hope you had an amazing wedding weekend! Come back soon and AW EVERYTHING! You're an OMH! Welcome to the club!

    I don't know why my stuff posted twice...ugh.

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    @untouchablets - Your CW sounds like a douchebag. 

    @500days - I hope you feel better ASAP!

    @beanbot2002 - I can't wait to see your pics!!!!!!!

    @allusive007 - How are you feeling?

    @TwoDimes - Yay for ordering invitations soon! You're getting so close!

    @labro - I LOVE your new furniture! Such a great steal!

    @southernpeach89 - SWEET POTATO! 

    [Deleted User]beanbot2002
  • @Swazzle AWWW I love that! That's so romantic lol
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    @Swazzle Awwwww! That is such a sweet tattoo! 

    @southernpeach89 Pics of baby things? :)

    @LaBro I love that furniture! Cherry wood is gorgeous!

    @TwoDimes I'm glad you had a nice weekend with your dad! The potential RD place sounds great!

    @allusive007 Confession: I've been checking NEY daily to see if you've had the baby yet. I can't believe your 2 days out from your due date! Yay!

    @peaseblossom55 Oh wow, I'm glad your H finally called an electrician. What a mess! I hope the electrician can get everything sorted out ASAP.

    @500days Hope you feel better soon!

    @CocoBellaF Way to go on working out every day over the weekend! That's awesome!

    @untouchablets Ugh, your coworker sounds like a real peach.

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  • Cute, @eilis1228!!  I love all the finds you picked up, especially the floral dress.  That is so pretty!  And those shoes are very cute.
  • @untouchablets What weird thing to do.. stupid CW! But yay for free passes for you!!

    @Peaseblossom55 Hope you can get it fixed quick! Silly H thinking he can fix it.. BF just did the same thing recently. When will they ever learn!! 

    @beanbot2002 I can't wait to see your pictures!! 

    @allusive007 sounds like a nice relaxing weekend waiting on Baby Allusive's arrival! 

    @LaBro Score on the new furniture!

    @southernpeach89 Yay for baby things! 

    @Swazzle that tattoo is awesome! What a thoughtful H you have!

    This weekend was kind of just ehh. Friday night we stayed in and watched TV. Nothing too exciting. Saturday BF left early to pick up the thatcher that he rented for the yard and he got all the way there and it didn't fit in his car. So I had to go to my parents and grab my mom's car (they are away). 

    When he finally got it home we worked on the yard. We thatched, raked, and bagged. It took us pretty much all day but our yard is looking good. BF also spread lime so hopefully with fertilizer we will have a nice green yard in no time! 

    Saturday night we went out to eat then came back home and crashed. Yesterday we ran errands, went grocery shopping and did some stuff around the house. We watched the WWE PPV last night and crashed early again. 

    This morning my Facebook feed was taken over by a girl I went to college with's PPD. She got married this time last year and had a small ceremony in a church. She changed her name and posted pictures of the whole thing. This past weekend was her PPD complete with a second ceremony, dress, and a post by her dad about "walking his youngest down the isle".... even though he did it LAST YEAR AT HER "WEDDING"! I normally wouldn't give a shit, but my whole newsfeed this morning was pictures and statuses that she was tagged in. 
    friends tv show funy
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    @CocoBellaF Thanks! :) I actually didn't like the floral dress at all on the hanger. It was one of the dresses a sales associate pulled for me, and I figured I'd just try it on to see. I was surprised how much I liked it once I tried it on. It's perfect for a summer bridal shower! I think I should just have other people pick out my clothes for me from now on lol

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  • @beanbot2002 I hope an electrician can come by today to sort everything out. 

    @labro I love the furniture

    @southernpeach89 yay for baby stuff!

    @swazzle, that tattoo is so romantic I love it!

    @eilis1228 that is my reaction to GOT as well especially this season...



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    @eilis1228 I am so jealous of your shopping finds! I need to go buy some spring clothing stat.

    @swazzle That tattoo is awesome! Very romantic!
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    @Peaseblossom55 This season is definitely not following the books at all, and some storylines have potentially surpassed the books already. I think the only storylines in the books from last night's episode were The Wall and Arya. I'm curious to see how it all plays out. 

    @500days My bank account is not very happy right now hahaha. I went in to get one thing at Coach and return a dress to Ann Taylor, and I walked out with quite a bit more... Loft is having a huge flash sale today in stores, so if you have time, you should definitely stop by!

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    @southernpeach89 I love that crib! Super cute! I think I that's the stroller I bought for a friend last fall, and she really liked it.

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    @Swazzle - That tattoo is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Not even exaggerating.

    @eilis1228 - I LOVE having people bring me clothes to try. I'm never afraid to ask for help because I'm fairly helpless, haha. I love your purchases!


    This weekend was. . . interesting. Bf's brother invited us over for a bbq because his long term gf was moving out after 10 years or so and he wanted to put on his "I'm doing great without her!" face. They have two kids. It became pretty obvious that he was trying to spread lies about her as much as possible. He literally is trying to convince his family that she has been cheating on him and doing meth with her ex. Pretty obvious neither of those are true, and it's really sad to see. She will still be around, and I can honestly see them getting back together eventually, but he has some serious growing up to do.

    Yesterday bf and I did some cleaning and some shopping. I bought a strapless dress at zumies. My first strapless anything! I guess I need a strapless bra now. . .

  • @eilis1228 yea it's interesting.  At this point now I'm trying to treat the books and and the show as two separate entities.

    @southerpeach89 I love it all.  I love the gray crib so much. Are you going to find out the sex?


  • @southernpeach89 not sure what is going on with my eyes it looked grey, sorry.  I love the detailing on it anyway.    Yay for finding out soon!


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    @eilis1228 - Those dresses are so pretty and THOSE SHOES. I am drooling over them. 

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    @peaseblossom55 - i thought it was grey too!

    @alpacina - yay for strapless!! oddly enough i had a dream last night that i found a strapless dress that was really flattering on me (for once haha) and i was raving to everyone around how i never find strapless stuff that looks good on me
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