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A new MRS! Reviews part 1 (Todd English PUB, Harmony, Tyler Freear, Fit for a Bride, Smashbooth)


In planning my wedding, these boards were beyond helpful, so let me pay it forward!

Todd English Pub - A
We had a welcome reception/meet-and-greet here the day before our wedding.  It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was afraid we'd have to deal with minimums,etc.  But the folks at Todd English were very accommodating.  We paid for the appetizer reception, which included 6 appetizers, and then we let our guests order their drinks.  They only gave us one server for drinks, but she was amazing.  I was never without a drink for very long at all.  All of our guests raved about the food too!  They were great to correspond with before the event as well.  I would definitely recommend looking into this place for a group event!  The only regret I have is that I wish I had limited to the drinks that we'd pay for to beer and wine.  It was Happy Hour, and that would have saved us a lot of money.  Oh well... live and learn.

Harmony - A++++
I am going to have a hard time finding the words to describe Harmony.  I was just beyond speechless with her work!  She did an AMAZING job!  I had her do a trial on Friday (wedding was on Sunday) and Friday night my husband and I went out with some of his friends to see a show.  I got SO many compliments on my hair and makeup.  She is just so spot on.  I briefly showed her photos that I liked, and she just took it from there.  She works fast, and is so nice.  She put me at ease from the moment she walked in.  She also did my sister's and mom's hair and makeup.  They both looked beautiful for the wedding!  But, I felt like a movie star or something all day.  Really really really loved her!  I'm already thinking about when I would have an excuse to use her again! :)

Tyler Freear Photography - A++++++++++++++
Wow... Tyler is truly a great person.  He's nice, patient, and above all else, talented!  I told him this, and its the truth... it takes a talented person to take pictures of people who are not used to being photographed.  He did this so well, I didn't even know he was telling us what to do!  What I've seen of his photos so far are amazing.  Our guests loved him... I was told multiple times that he makes people look better than they do in real life! :)  I can't wait to see the finished products, but I am sure they'll be awesome!

Fit for a Bride - A
I will start out by saying that I don't think they offer this service anymore.  But, they did a great job for me!  I sent my dress, a tux, and 2 suits (with shirts) to Debi from NC.  She let me know the minute they arrived, and they were all delivered to the Bell Desk at my hotel the day we had agreed upon.  The clothes were in great condition... she did an awesome job!  Couldn't even tell they had all be stuffed into a box!  But, like I said, I don't think they offer this service.  I think they only do local brides now.  That's sad... its a great service for us brides from a distance!

Smashbooth - A
What fun!  They were great at the reception!  When I arrived, it was all set up, and guests were already using the photobooth!  We had them for 4 hours, and they had 2 attendants on site the entire time.  Even when they changed attendants in the middle of the reception, they came to me and let me know that they were leaving, but that two new people were there.  They guided the guests through the guest book process, and worked the camera for those that were not able to figure it out!  Our reception coordinator at Joe's (reviews to come) even mentioned how great they were to work with, above other companies they had worked with before.  I got a great deal on a Groupon with this company, and was NOT disappointed.

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Re: A new MRS! Reviews part 1 (Todd English PUB, Harmony, Tyler Freear, Fit for a Bride, Smashbooth)

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