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This morning I started the 21 Day Fix DVD and I've been taking the FitTea for about 10 days ( on and off). I wanted to get into a fitness habit before continuing the tea and I think the 21 Day Fix along with cycling two times a week will  help. So far with the FitTea and eating healthy I've lost 7 pounds. I have cut out coffee for about a week now and I love not feeling sluggish. I'm the type of person that enjoys working out in the morning instead of after work with the exception of Monday night cycling. I also want to try hot yoga. I hear its a good relaxer.
What are you ladies doing to get into bridal shape or to feel better? :)

** We are almost at the 1 year mark ( happy dance )

Re: Fitness

  • I have actually been working out pretty consistently since July, which is 3 months before we got engaged. I do a lot of weight training. I hate cardio, lol, but I'll do it. I have only been going 3-4 times a week, though, for the past few months. It was inconsistent for a month in there too because of some health stuff, but I'm going strong again. I usually do targeted days for weight training- for example, over the weekend, I did one day of biceps, triceps, and shoulders, one day of legs and glutes, one day of back, etc. It is way more motivating for me to go, and then I'll do some high intensity cardio at the end (1 minute hard running, 1 minute rest, for 5 mins).

    I've also gotten into water more. I bought a 52 oz. Bubba jug, and my goal is to finish it every day. I found that I am finishing it way earlier than expected, so I actually bought another Bubba to pack with the filtered water for after I finish the first. I went off of coffee and started Advocare's Spark. I did that for about a month. I'm going back on coffee, though, because the Spark isn't doing a ton for me anymore. My food is pretty healthy too. Consistently protein-rich and lots of veggies, good carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes mostly). Usually one cheat meal a week to curb binge-eating haha. I've gotten on the Arctic Zero ice creams (found at Walmart) to get my sweet tooth fix in without a ton of carbs & calories from regular ice cream. Oh! And I also meal prep. Making everything at once on Sundays has helped me make good choices too. 

    My FI is really into working out, eating healthy, etc. so this has been really fun for me. We've gone to a whole new level in our relationship by just doing this together.

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  • @kmomac its always refreshing to hear that another bride is working out as well.  I just finished my day two of 21 Day fix and I love it. My FI and I found the Arctic Zero ice cream at Whole Foods and we like it. Its probably cheaper at Walmart. I want to try the mint flavor next. We have another flavor which I cannot think off top of my head. I agree with one cheat meal. My friend is having a birthday dinner this weekend, so that will be my cheat meal. I haven't done meal prepping, but would like to get into it. My FI recently had his gallbladder removed and has lost about 15 pounds. It was a wake up call for him. Now he eats healthier and is starting to get back into exercising. 

  • I'm starting to do PiYo, so far I like it, I was really good the first week, but then slacked.  So starting Sunday, I am going to start it over and stick with it!  I looked into the 21 day fix, andmight do that also!  
  • Let us know how you like the 21 Day Fix. I'm on day 5 & i LOVE IT.
  • I'm getting a gym membership next month. Before I got pregnant with our daughter, I had lost almost 40 pounds and I was finally feeling happy with my body. Now I'm a lazy blob that weighs more than I did before I lost it the first time. *sigh* I'd like to be able to chase and play with my daughter on my wedding day....and fit comfortably in a size 8, but that's not the important part.

    I'll be going back to my 1200 calories a day diet (lots of fruit and yogurt and chicken breasts) with 2-hour workouts 4 days a week, anywhere from cardio and circuits to pilates to swimming, or all of the above. I'm pretty flexible with my workouts, as long as I'm doing something.

    The Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice meals really aren't terrible as far as portions and taste, but the sodium! Yikes!
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