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Rehearsal Dinner?

Hello! I have a dilemma regarding the rehearsal dinner. Please help? We are pretty much over our budget already with the wedding (it was supposed to be a low budget wedding as we're both graduate students and don't begin working until after the wedding) and are paying for everything ourselves as neither of our parents are in the financial position to assist. We are having a rehearsal the night before the wedding and I'm hesitant to just have rehearsal and send everyone on their way without at least some food or drinks. I thought of a few alternatives, like a bowling alley but they run anywhere from $1600-$2000 (not including the bowling charges) for parties of 30ppl. Thought about bringing a food truck by the venue but they're also pricier than we'd like. What if I just order some snack to have available during the rehearsal and offer some wine as well? (Our wedding is at dogpatch wine works) Andy ideas will help tons! Thank you!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner?

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    You're absolutely right that it would be rude to have people at your rehearsal and not feed them. If the rehearsal crosses over into a meal time, you need to provide a meal, not just snacks (if your rehearsal doesn't start until after 8 pm, you could probably get away with snacks, but dinner is better). The good news is, it doesn't have to be expensive! Order pizza, get party subs from Subway, sandwich platters from Costco, etc. And if cost is an issue, forego the alcohol, it definitely isn't necessary. You can get a bunch of 2 liters of Coke, etc.
  • agree with PP.  Who doesn't like pizza!  Just have a casual gathering at a local pizza parlor or if your rehearsal is close to home, host something at your house.  If you can afford it, grab some beer and wine if you can, but its totally fine if alcohol has to get cut from the budget. 

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    I ditto the pizza idea, it's perfect!
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