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Let someone know their breach of etiquette?


Re: Let someone know their breach of etiquette?

  • edited June 2015
    I'm out.
  • arrippa said:

    She told me it was a joke, and then wrote the definition of sense of humor and all synonyms. She told me, she has talked to everyone about me, and they all want to know what MY problem is.  She said she has to put her big girl panties on and work like all adults do (I have not bothered to get a job until I can manage my back pain... because I would be worthless to an employer, at this point). She also said that maybe I should have gone to a boutique store to get her son a unique gift so I wouldn't have had that accident. Wow. Just wow.  Then her husband contacted me. Why did I bother.  Yeah.

    The bold-I have a feeling that she is lying here. This reply is full of condescension, bossiness and bitchyness.  I would be surprised if she could find one person, other than her husband, who would wonder what your problem is. I bet they are wondering what her problem is.
    Yes. The only way someone has decided you're the problem is if she wove one hell of a fable, and this person is gullible and doesn't know the kind of person she is.
    Or this person is lying because he/she DOES know what kind of person she is and is worried she will screen shot and post any responses she doesn't like. 
  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
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    She talked to everyone about you and they all want to know what your problem is? 

    [Deleted User]
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    Wow. Yep. She's off the deep end.

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