Wedding Cake from Mariano's

Did anyone get their wedding cake from Mariano's?  Or has anyone looked there?  The West Loop location does very reasonably priced 3 tiered wedding cakes, but I'm not finding any reviews.


Re: Wedding Cake from Mariano's

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    I didn't- but I've had many cakes and cupcakes from there for other parties. They make tasty products that are quite pretty.

    If your main concern is stability and decoration, you want to see pictures and reviews. If you're worried about taste, I'd be less concerned-- most big bakeries get their cake layers frozen from the same supplier. They have lots of different qualities of products but there's not a lot of difference between the cake (not frosting) from Jewel, Walmart, Costco, or Mariano's. I'm sure there's some variation but it's mostly in the decoration.

    We actually got our cakes from Costco. We got a small cutting cake from a local bakery (Aracely's-- it's a chain in the burbs and it was delicious, cheap, and beautiful) then had cakes for cutting from Costco. We thought about going higher-end but since the venue was going to start cutting ahead of time, it didn't make a different. Plus, his family adores their yellow cake and I'm a huge fan of their chocolate. We grossly overbought for fear of people eating extras-- lots of people ate 2-3 pieces but we still donated 2 cakes to the local fire department.
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