Waveny House - Reception Setup Question!

Hi everyone! This is my very first post and very excited to join the community :) Reading all the threads just gets me so pumped up for my own wedding!!! 

My fiance and I are still in the very beginnign stage of planning. We went to see the Waveny House in New Canaan and fell in love with the place. However, we have about 100 people and unforunately the Grand Hall only fits 80, we'd have to seat everyone else in the adjacent room, which is not ideal at all. Although this won't be a problem if the weather is nice and everyone can eat at the patio outside overlooking the park. But just thinking about the indoor situation makes me cringe and hesitate with this place. I'm guessing the only way to fix this is to either seat family in the smaller room or downsize the guest list

Has anyone hosted a wedding there and had to deal with this situation? If so, what did you do and how did your guests handle it?

Re: Waveny House - Reception Setup Question!

  • I didn't get married there.... But I found a few venues I loved with the same problem. And I decided the potential logistical problems / hurt feelings of people were not worth it. Plus I wanted to be surrounded by loved ones, not have to go to another room to talk or see them.

    I found a different venue I loved that could hold my entire guest list (invited 130, 99 came) in one room. There are lots of pretty venues out there!
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