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We are finally booking our honeymoon for first cruise! I have seen people post about setting flight pricing alerts. What are the tools/sites to do that?

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Re: Flight Notifications

    If you have an iphone (no web or android version)
  • You can set up email price alerts on Kayak, but I've found Google Flights to be a better search aggregator lately. It's been offering more (and cheaper) options than Kayak as of a few months ago. I'm not sure how to set up flight alerts for it, though.

    I'm not sure where you are flying, but if it's in or around Asia, Skyscanner is a good site and allows users to set up flight alerts as well. 

    I'm assuming that you've already booked your cruise, but if not, CruCon Cruise Outlet is a great site where you can find super cheap cruises all over the world. I used it a few years ago to book a 14 day transatlantic cruise from Miami to Barcelona for only about $1000, all inclusive. 

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